…and Dish Cleaners

The faces and expressions of the trailside Nepali kids. Part II [Here is part I]

22 October: Yes, he wanted to hide his face from my camera! Actually, he was teasing me and was also challenging me to take the shot of his face. “He couldn’t, he couldn’t,” he chanted when he thought I couldn’t take the photo of his face. But then… Continue reading

The Kite Runners…

The faces and expressions of the trailside Nepali kids. Part I [Here is part II]

the kite runners

22 October: We met a group of kids somewhere near Chisapani who were having fun by flying kite from a small hilltop. We decided to spend a few minutes observing them, talking to them and teasing them. We got a warm response! Here are different expressions and faces from the wonderful group. Continue reading

Time For Kids To Go Back To School (After Dashain Holiday)

A girl smiles

23 October: A girl shyly smiles as I take her photo. She was going back to Kathmandu with her relative uncle along with other friends. We met them on our way to Chisapani. Continue reading

Tharepati Downward: Pleasant Walk [Helambu Trek Day 5 of 6]

A girl with a doko

A girl with carries things in a doko. The things, she wouldn’t say what, were sent by her grandfather, a hotelier at the top of the hill, to her grandmother, a hotelier at the down! The granddaughter was working as a messenger between the old couple!

23 October [Thangune Bhyanjyang]: It was a long day. We walked for almost 10 hours. We wanted to reach Chisapani but decided to stay here because, one, Chisapani wasn’t far from here and, two, here we found a nice hotel to stay. The trail was all downhill throughout the day, we descended about 1100 meters. Continue reading