Parents Returned & A Reporter’s Challenge

Kalyan and Meera, my father and mother whom I call Dai and Bhauju, arrived on late Sunday evening from Brindaban, India. They had gone there before Dashain to see Meera’s parents who have been living there for the last several years. They are Baishnav who do not eat food prepared by other then themselves. Many people live a life of hermit and full time devotees in Brindaban, the land of Lord Krishna. I have faded memory of my grandparents face because I think the last time I saw them was some 15 years ago. Their son, my Mama, lives in Sarlahi district and visits us at times. By her description of the travel, I can fairly conclude that Meera enjoyed the Brindaban trip. Especially the trip that she made by the train. I regret missing train when I was in India (Varanasi) last year.

As for my day, it was less fruitful than average. I know its not good just to keep myself in front of the computer doing nothing significant. But sometime I feel lazy. Very lazy. Deepak came yesterday evening from Jhapa celebrating Dashain. Today a tea session with him in our usual tea-shop. We missed that Thami boy in the tea shop about whom Deepak has talked in a UWB blog. “Oh..,” Deepak said while shipping tea, “The game of hunting stories down has begun again. I was quite a relief in Jhapa. No tension about next week’s story. He was clearly in search of a story for the next issue of Nepal Magazine. I could not suggest him any suitable topic.

Its always like that when you work for a magazine. Editors always demand a new and exclusive story from you and you have to deliver as per their expectation. It is also the question of byline. If you do not have your byline in a issue, my guess is that editors quickly think you are not being serious about the job.

By the way, I am also thinking of doing a story tomorrow. What is that? Well, in this competitive world of Nepali journalism, you should never discuss about your projects (yes, a reporting task is no less than a project) in a public forum like this. Any one Google this and scoop you out. Once Vijay Kumar, former editor of Nepal Magazine told in an editorial meeting that we, the reporters of periodicals, should always be aware of bulldogs (reporters of daily papers). Now I myself is bulldog by that definition because I work for a daily paper. So I have to be careful of other bulldogs.

Lets see what happens.

Please post your thoughts. (कृपया तपाईंलाई लागेको लेख्नुस् ।)

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