From Kantipur FM to Supreme Court to Deepak’s Place

That was quite a busy day yesterday. Spending time in Kantipur FM and in Supreme Court to express solidarity and update on the writ petition. Today’s Valley Banda, general strike in Kathmandu. That’s why I decided not to go to home. I went to Deepak Adhikari’s place yesterday evening. After reading his blog on Dera Owes, that was an opportunity for me to see his place and stay there. His brothers made wonderful food. Great work. I loved that. I was too hungry because of the day’s busy schedule. Going here and there and standing all the time and updating the event on UWB. For the first time, I sat behind Deepak’s bike from office to his room yesterday. His was an average ride.

We made rounds of Ghattekulo, Dilli Bazar. Putalisadak and Ratna Park this morning observing the Valley Strike. Then we took trolley bus from Maitighar to Tinkune. Later in the afternoon, we did a long march: from Tinkune to Basantapur, and then rallied for about half an hour. I was quite tired and found Vishnu just arrived in the mass meeting venue. I persuaded him to return back to office and we walked up to Thapathali expecting a trolley bus. The bus arrived and we too arrived in Tinkune.

5 thoughts on “From Kantipur FM to Supreme Court to Deepak’s Place

  1. deepak

    The funny part was when Devubabu called me up and thanked for providing “bas(shelter) to his mate (Dinesh).”

    Thank u Dinesh for thanking my bretherns. I am a nominal host, they deserve the accolades.


  2. sunanda

    dont know who u really r……… but would be glad to know u personally. I mean via mail or chat… whatever medium.
    hope u will reply.

    Thank u .
    And warm regards


  3. hemanta timsina

    hi i am from austria ,student of hospitality industry, i know MR Achut wagle, r u his relative? i do look forward to an early reply


  4. Walge :)


    Here is the super late response to this comment that I saw while going through the archive. No, I am not related to Achyut Wagle though I know him socially.



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