BICC and a Girl

For the second straight day, I forget to visit Ajay Shah, the dentist at Kantipur Hospital. I was supposed to see him yesterday. I was too busy in the evening. I remembered only after 7 PM, half an hour later. And when I remembered, I was stuck with works.

In the early evening yesterday I was roaming around the BICC complex in New Baneshwor, observing the activities associated with the general convention of Nepali Congress Democratic. There were a few beautiful girls but before I could see them more closely, my cell phone started buzzing with my former editor Bijay Kumar on the line. Then there was my boss Narayan Wagle. I was summoned back to the office and my dating with Indian ambassador Shiv Shankar Mukherjee (on video) started.

Before going to BICC, I was restless as I realized there was nothing to do for me. I was tired with sitting in front of computer. I felt so much lonely that I was like what the hell is happening with me! After having 5 pieces of Mo Mo (half plate) I quickly decided to go to the convention center.

Today was a bit different. After partly attending a face-to-face program at Reporters’ Club where actors spoke on upcoming municipal elections (they were divided on the issue as some supported the elections where as others opposed the move), I went to meet a wonderful person. I cannot write much about that meeting here because she has explicitly told me not to write anything about the meeting here. Let me quickly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the time and perhaps for the first time in my meetings with girls I did the most of the talking. I hope I did not talk too much or more than necessary. I felt like having another cup of coffee but that would have made 3rd in a row!

While talking, she made a striking point about the problem that working girls have to face in Nepali society. At one point, I was moved, deeply, and felt guilty about being a male member of the society. Our society is male dominated and even girls like the one I am talking about who is extremely talented and educated find hard time utilizing their potentiality. I think I cannot forget the conversation and, particularly that point, in the days to come.


3 thoughts on “BICC and a Girl

  1. Blogbahini

    Ahem! Mamla serious hai 🙂 Darn i’m so bored at work. People like me should be fired and girls like the one Wagle is talking about should be hired. So..

    Dinesh are you a gemini? Geminis (like myself, unfortunately) flirt a lot, imagine they can sweep anyone off their feet with their charm, are mostly speculative of someone much smarter, beautiful things in life to come their way, sometimes it does come their way, most of the times its an illusional satisfaction 🙂 Once they do find someone, they’ll go head over heals. Even by reading your public posts and messages one can make out.

    When he finally finds someone, its not going to be a big deal. She’s going to be another down to earth working woman he will have to deal with every day- I just hope that his ego (or let me say defensiveness) against women will subside a bit, cause relationships starting with ego will fall short of everything else but dislike at the end. In my own words, he is still very young and immatured- yet to experience life. 🙂


  2. nepaligirl

    wow Mr wagle..finally u learnt to appreciate girls….so nice of u…hope slowly everyone does the same ..Good.. 🙂


  3. DW

    Thanks Nepaligirl.

    Finally I learnt? Will you please clarify? Just curious…

    By the way, I have tried to reply to the comment made by Avipsha in this post as you wanted my view.


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