Oh My Sleeping Child the World is so Wild

… But youve build your own paradise

Every midnight I quietly go to bed with this promise that I will wake up early in the morning. The alarm in my cell phone rings just in time: 6 AM. I instinctively reach up to the machine and kill the sound of Christmas tune only to go back to sleep. I don’t forget the promise made a few hours ago but I can’t open my eyes however hard I try. Okay, I will sleep for a few minutes, I tell myself, and definitely wake up. When I wake up, it’s already 8 AM. Still my eyes find it difficult to get accustomed with the surroundings. They want me to close the lids. I, poor fellow, defenselessly abide by their wish. When I wake up it’s 9 AM or 10 or 11. It could be 12 as well. Early to bed and early to rise. Who said that? I can’t sleep before 12. Even if I try to lie on the bed and get some sleep, I can’t. So I end up dreaming about going on the moon or jumping over from flying jet.

There are options to avoid such adventures. Take a book or press the remote control buttons. I don’t know which I do the most but I lie on the bed making sure that I am damn tired, or sleepy so that I can’t think of anything weird. Sometime I keep the TV on and try to sleep. Let me say BBC World is informing me about the world events as I am struggling to go way temporarily from the planet. I wake up in the middle of the night, may be at 2 or 3 AM and switch off the idiot box and go back to sleep. This time, I go asleep without even knowing where I am sleeping.

Over the past five days, I have seen some progress in my effort to wake up early. Five days ago, it was 12 mid day. Then 11. Then 10. Yesterday it was 9. Today it was 8. Quite a feat in waking up early, I told myself and started turning pages of Kantipur. Plus, I was shipping tea too. Bhauju had almost stopped brining in tea to my room for obvious reasons. She would bring tea at around 7 and I would say, okay I am awakening, please put that there. When I was awake, it was 10 or so and tea was icy cold. So she must have thought that I wasn’t’ qualified enough for morning tea.

So what I want is to go bed early, that is around 11 PM and wake up at around 5 AM. I am sure that is possible but don’t know why my eyes don’t believe me.

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