Oh My Sleeping Child the World is so Wild

… But youve build your own paradise

Every midnight I quietly go to bed with this promise that I will wake up early in the morning. The alarm in my cell phone rings just in time: 6 AM. I instinctively reach up to the machine and kill the sound of Christmas tune only to go back to sleep. I don’t forget the promise made a few hours ago but I can’t open my eyes however hard I try. Okay, I will sleep for a few minutes, I tell myself, and definitely wake up. When I wake up, it’s already 8 AM. Still my eyes find it difficult to get accustomed with the surroundings. They want me to close the lids. I, poor fellow, defenselessly abide by their wish. When I wake up it’s 9 AM or 10 or 11. It could be 12 as well. Early to bed and early to rise. Who said that? I can’t sleep before 12. Even if I try to lie on the bed and get some sleep, I can’t. So I end up dreaming about going on the moon or jumping over from flying jet.

There are options to avoid such adventures. Take a book or press the remote control buttons. I don’t know which I do the most but I lie on the bed making sure that I am damn tired, or sleepy so that I can’t think of anything weird. Sometime I keep the TV on and try to sleep. Let me say BBC World is informing me about the world events as I am struggling to go way temporarily from the planet. I wake up in the middle of the night, may be at 2 or 3 AM and switch off the idiot box and go back to sleep. This time, I go asleep without even knowing where I am sleeping.

Over the past five days, I have seen some progress in my effort to wake up early. Five days ago, it was 12 mid day. Then 11. Then 10. Yesterday it was 9. Today it was 8. Quite a feat in waking up early, I told myself and started turning pages of Kantipur. Plus, I was shipping tea too. Bhauju had almost stopped brining in tea to my room for obvious reasons. She would bring tea at around 7 and I would say, okay I am awakening, please put that there. When I was awake, it was 10 or so and tea was icy cold. So she must have thought that I wasn’t’ qualified enough for morning tea.

So what I want is to go bed early, that is around 11 PM and wake up at around 5 AM. I am sure that is possible but don’t know why my eyes don’t believe me.

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9 thoughts on “Oh My Sleeping Child the World is so Wild

  1. Raj shrestha

    Dear sleeping Child,
    In past some weeks i found that you are some much worried about your sleeping habbit.
    But no need to worry about it dinesh dai that you are improving it.
    Any way in behalf of mine ,there is also a similar story basically in the cold mornings i am on the bed upto 8 and always there is a hurried trip to college.
    So no need to worry you are improving today at 8 and tommorow you will be at 7
    Best Of Luck


  2. Liz

    Dinesh … Get over it and embrace your inner night owl!

    The Crow of the Early Bird

    Let me know if you feel vindicated after reading it. I did, and haven’t felt guilty about not being a morning person since. Us creative types have to keep the rest of them guessing. Besides, if you’re hardwired a certain way (as is argued in the story), why fight against it?

    (But how many times have you practiced saying hello before answering the phone to sound like you’ve been up for hours when you’ve just been woken up by it?)



  3. walker

    hey there dinesh…..remember how quickly you went to sleep while trekking!

    i think there were some nights you were sleeping by 8pm and then regularly up by 6:30 am so you know you have got it in you.

    perhaps a stroll up and down nagarkot so now and then might be the trick to snoozing earlier….and then you can continue to try and solve that complex math problem in your sleep!


  4. Dinesh Wagle

    Thanks for above New York Times link Liz. I read one of the most interesting articles in recent times and I am inspired to do a story in the same theme for my newspaper. I will start doing research for the story late night today 🙂
    Yes, waking up early in the morning is a mainstream thing and I know I belong to the alternative one. Yes, the article proved to be a solace and my intense desire to make myself ready for early rise has somewhat gone down. But I think my real problem is sleeping too much. How many hours to a human being need to sleep? 6 hours? 8 hours? I calculated and realized that I am in bed for almost 10 or 11 hours. Sometime 12 hours. Even Vladimir Putin sleeps for only 9 hours.

    I just asked my Kantipur daily colleague Sanjay Neupane about his sleeping habit (seems research has already started!) and I was surprised by what he said. He strongly disagrees with what a doctor has said in NYT story. Here is from NYT:

    “Timing of sleep is genetically determined, whether you’re an owl or lark,” said Dr. Mark Mahowald, the medical director of the Minnesota Regional Sleep Disorders Center. While most people are a little bit owl or a little bit lark, for others, Dr. Mahowald said, altering sleep habits is “like changing your height or eye color.”

    Sajnay told me: “When I was a bachelor, I used to go bed at around 12 midnight or 1 AM and wake up at around 8 AM. After I married and that routine changed. After my son was born, I could notice my change in sleeping and waking up habit very well. Son used to wake up early and disturbed me. After a few days of ragging, I started waking up at 6 AM. I wake up, stay on bed, tune in to FM radios for news, have bed tea and get out of the bed at around 8 AM.”

    “A few months ago I was in India for 3 months with my family back in Kathmandu. Within first week, I went back to my old habit: bedtime at 2 AM. I had to attend the college at 9 AM and by that time I would hurriedly make myself ready for the classes. I think our body is like a machine and you can control it the way you like it. If sleeping habit can’t be altered, how can people perform their night duties in offices like casinos and hotels? I disagree with the doctor.”

    After hearing Sanjay, I couldn’t disagree with him. As walker has mentioned above, I was waking up early in trekking. Same was the case when I used to attend morning classes in college.

    Whatever the case, I feel there is no problem in waking up late as long as you go bed late. I know I can’t sleep early, I just can’t. So there is not way I can wake up early. But sleeping too much is what I dislike about my habit. How can I sleep only about 6 or 7 hours and remain awake and vibrant rest of the day?????


  5. Comment Box

    I liked your spirit MAn!

    But you don’t sound that you are serious to get rid off. You are enjoying, aren’t you?
    You should do some yoga in the morning. it helps you. Sleeping till late morning sounds so lazy ke.


  6. Rosha

    I have been the victim of the same ROG over past few months.I keep late hours usally.If there is college,I get up ealry like the lark without any doubt.But if it is holiday..I wake up around 8 or 9 am.
    I too am trying to go bed early and catch the warm like an early bird catches the first warm!


  7. Sleep walker

    ppl who sleep late…not my type! and this change of your sleeping habits??!!??? 8 ur latest development…stillll toooooooooooooooooo late i say.. try waking at 3? 🙂 that the perfect time.. 6 hrs will do just fine for any damn hectic day..morever if a student 4 hrs during end sems are also normal…sometimes even 2 hours!… well pain and pleasure’s the same when you’re a student i guess… padnai paryo! btw the pics of the hattis are great! really cute and sweet… n love tht sleeping child song….always loved MLTR.. listen to their Paint my Love.. its just wonderful…


  8. James

    To ‘remain awake and vibrant rest of the day’ the only answer is doses of proper Coffee! Drink too much n u might get the shakes n a nasty addiction though; too little and it don’t work. For more info n support pls ask other Nepali blogstars: some blogs seem to have lots of knowledge about caffeine culture!


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