Again on Gmail: I am Loving It

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It’s no secret that I am a great fan of Gmail. Whenever I am accessing the internet, I love it. And Gmail is doing their best to make users like me happy and attached to their services. Almost a week after another, they come up with exciting feature and service that only makes my Gmail experience even better.

It’s true that I am becoming more and more dependent on Gmail, or Gmail monopoly! But the ‘monopoly’ comes with so many advantages that that is bigger than the 2 GB space! I have couple of Gmail accounts and the one that I use most is filled with about 920 MB. I try to divert many email to other Gmail account and I occasionally delete many large files that I feel will not be needed in any case in future. Many have talked a lot about the space; it’s clean and elegant layout and the cool search facility. Its chat service has also received a lot of accolades from many users including myself. It’s “Send Mail As” service that lets use Gmail “to send from your other email addresses” is also very cool. I have been using this service to send emails from my several other addresses. The latest is a new service that lets users “get mail from other accounts”. I was really in need of this service. This doesn’t only save my time but also lets me save emails using Gmail GB. Yes, I could have done the same by logging in to my other address and activate the auto-forward option and forward every incoming email to Gmail. But what if the email account doesn’t have the auto-forward option??? I was facing the same problem for quite some time and thanks to Gmail now I can retrieve emails without having logged into the account and have stored them (or delete them as I wish!)

Recently, Gmail opened up itself for all at Before an existing user had to invite (that feature is still inside my inbox) those who wanted to use Gmail. Initially, that was like losing exclusivity but then the feel that everyone interested in Gmail can easily sign up and have a new account was pleasant.

Wait, how can I forget to mention about the new thing from Google called Google Apps that lets me, among other things, host my emails to Gmail. For instance, I log on to Gmail to check my dinesh at emails and send. Plus, I can also create many other emails for other people want to use emails with that domain. I mean the whole idea is so cool that I am just loving it. I haven’t used the other Apps much but Word is great (to save documents online).

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18 thoughts on “Again on Gmail: I am Loving It

  1. Ashish Lohorung Rai

    Truly Page and Brin has done a great job for the website searching technolgy. We must be proud of the two big bros. Other wise it would be a hell to search a small information out of big huge oceanic information network. One thing you did forget to mention is the facility of earning through web ie. Adsense.

    I think this is great concept in the world of commercial.

    I just read your interests and thank god that my post did n’t wipe out. I thought it was gone but not.

    Here is the exact match of you and mine that belief of god. God is One. I had seen this label when I was young kid and at once it hit my head and i am still believing it. People being blind in religion are I think blind folded eyes. I think religion is just only made by human which results in quarrel. like hindu and muslims war of 1990 in India. though there are many fights due to only religion. that is very bad.

    I have read most of your article in newspaper esp realting to IT. because i am student of IT and my hobbies and interest is IT. so i think you will write more article on IT.

    I too love writing and this has resulted me to open my blogsite. Do read it and post comments coz i know you like to make friends. I have read a line stating “Never ignore any advance in friendship for if nine out of ten brings you nothing one will repay you alone”.

    Happy Blogging!!


  2. Binod

    जीबनमा नीरन्तर संघर्ष बढाउनु,र देशको नब नीमारण गर्दै बीकासको उच्चतम विन्दुमा पुग्न परदेशबाट हार्दिक शुभकामना
    नयाँ बर्ष २०६४ साल को पावन आवसर मा शुभकामना साथै हजुरले आटेका सोचेका चाहेका हर मनका इच्छा आकांछा पुरा होस् साथै सुस्वास्थ्य, दीरघायु ,तथा उतर उतर प्रगती को कामना गर्दछु ।

    बीनोद ढकाल
    हाल यु यस ए


  3. Pidit Pathak

    I am praying ferverently that you have begun to LOVE something other than GMAIL! oh please put up something new, ur love for gmail is driving me up the wall.

    this is from an extremely pidit pathak 😦 hope you consider this.


  4. Prabesh

    Wagle ji,
    Which is the best free mail service is not my question. Question is: why Dinesh Wagle writes many-many time about the Gmail? As I know Spokesperson is a great profession. No doubt Gmail is great and I would also like to say Dinesh Wagle also Great!


  5. Ashish Lohorung Rai

    hi dinesh ji, first why are u not updating your blog? ..ples do it soon okay and secondly ….ples see my latest blog about Kantipur Newspapaer. I think you will be interested in that more than any thing. But ples ples don’t take it negatively coz I am just a simple citizen who is trying to be aware about the news and the present political situation of the country. THnaks…..


  6. KK

    aja yo comment box ma aataye jati aasantusti byakta garne bichar chha, yo blog ko writer prati. kina hola yati lamo samaya samma kunai pani update navayeko? mero bani pareko thorai blog madhye yo pani ek thiyo, tara achanak, hami jasta imandar pathak ko lagi yo blog le emotional chot puryayeko chha, dherai din samma new post narakhera… aajkal ta wagle dai ko blog ma pani dhulai dhulo tasiye jasto lagcha, ani makurako jalo le ghere jasto lagchha,
    kehi naya padhna paune aashai aash ma wuhi virtual duniya ko mitra
    – KK


  7. blogtantra

    ofcourse, gmail is getting secure and doing good everyday, but you know what, if you go deep to gmail, one day you are going to suffer.

    do not depend much on gmail. gmail is not that good.


  8. Anil P. Ghimire

    Dinesh ji.
    I think gmail is best and I’m using it from last 2 years.I’ve checked hotmail,yahoo,reddif as well as aim .But I liked gmail because of it’s various features.By the way,is there any official agent of google in Nepal….


  9. meh

    I seriously thought the readers were entitled to read something more exicting as the Jumla trip. isn`t this called serious Neglect to the supposedly first blog of Nepal, as you put it reportedly!!


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