Again on Gmail: I am Loving It

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It’s no secret that I am a great fan of Gmail. Whenever I am accessing the internet, I love it. And Gmail is doing their best to make users like me happy and attached to their services. Almost a week after another, they come up with exciting feature and service that only makes my Gmail experience even better.

It’s true that I am becoming more and more dependent on Gmail, or Gmail monopoly! But the ‘monopoly’ comes with so many advantages that that is bigger than the 2 GB space! I have couple of Gmail accounts and the one that I use most is filled with about 920 MB. I try to divert many email to other Gmail account and I occasionally delete many large files that I feel will not be needed in any case in future. Many have talked a lot about the space; it’s clean and elegant layout and the cool search facility. Its chat service has also received a lot of accolades from many users including myself. It’s “Send Mail As” service that lets use Gmail “to send from your other email addresses” is also very cool. I have been using this service to send emails from my several other addresses. The latest is a new service that lets users “get mail from other accounts”. I was really in need of this service. This doesn’t only save my time but also lets me save emails using Gmail GB. Yes, I could have done the same by logging in to my other address and activate the auto-forward option and forward every incoming email to Gmail. But what if the email account doesn’t have the auto-forward option??? I was facing the same problem for quite some time and thanks to Gmail now I can retrieve emails without having logged into the account and have stored them (or delete them as I wish!)

Recently, Gmail opened up itself for all at Before an existing user had to invite (that feature is still inside my inbox) those who wanted to use Gmail. Initially, that was like losing exclusivity but then the feel that everyone interested in Gmail can easily sign up and have a new account was pleasant.

Wait, how can I forget to mention about the new thing from Google called Google Apps that lets me, among other things, host my emails to Gmail. For instance, I log on to Gmail to check my dinesh at emails and send. Plus, I can also create many other emails for other people want to use emails with that domain. I mean the whole idea is so cool that I am just loving it. I haven’t used the other Apps much but Word is great (to save documents online).

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