CDMA Phone Revolution in Nepali Villages

CDMA phone revolution in Nepali villages A hotelier in Timbu village of Helambu region holds the pre-paid CDMA phone set for better signal from Kathmandu valley while a customer talks. (Click to enlarge the photo and sketch.)

21 October (Timbu): With the introduction of CDMA-based phone systems by Nepal Telecom, Nepali villages have experienced a revolution in communication. Even in some of the most remote parts of country like Kalikot and Jumla, people are now carrying cell phones that run on CDMA platform. Code Division Multiple Access or CDMA wireless phones are not only affordable but also have wide area of coverage. They work almost everywhere in the country, even in remote places where the GSM cell signals can’t reach. Continue reading “CDMA Phone Revolution in Nepali Villages”

The Man Who Rescued Kanak Mani Dixit

The man who rescued Kanak Mani Dixit
Raju Gurung, right, rescued Kanak Mani Dixit from an accident on the trail of Annapurna Circuit. But he has a complain with the celebrated journalist.

20 October (Timbu): One of the best things about staying in trailside guest houses is that you meet so many people (Nepali and foreigners) who have so many stories to tell. You learn from then and you also share your experience with them. I was waiting for food in the evening listening to the guys talking in the dining room. By the topic of their conversation, I figured out that they were guides or Sirdars from the French team that was camping on a round a little further from our hotel. “Dinesh Dai,” Suraj told me. “He is the guy who rescued Kanak Mani Dixit.” Continue reading “The Man Who Rescued Kanak Mani Dixit”