When You Don’t Have Anything To Do

Kya alchhi lageko hau!

What to do when you don’t want to do anything but still want to do something? My friend Sudeep tells: sutne! [sleep] or go to movie. Those are nice ideas but what I did a few days ago was this: No, I am not telling this right now because if I do that somebody might read that here, steal the idea and turn that into a nice story before I do!

The point to be noted here is that I did. Yes I did. And I did. Not only once, but more than once, less than twice. That is not a big deal though. Anyone can do it. People might actually be doing that right now, at this very moment when I am writing these lines.

That’s it. I might write more about my experience after I write about the work in print. That’s how I save both my job and the scoop.

The trip of Bhaktapur a few days ago to do a story on a street drama was okay though I wasn’t very well. Thank god, I didn’t fall ill for more than a day this time around. I was smart enough to drink a lot of water and that really helped. Falling sick, when everyone is waking and running, feels like a really bad idea.

Okay, so this is a random writing. I actually don’t have anything to write about but then how can I stay without writing too for that has become an addiction.

You know what? I am feeling really cold on my feet as this point in time even though I am wearing duplicate Nike snickers. That is because I am not putting socks today. I will have to buy a new pair of socks this evening. I might go to the bazaar after posting this thing. I need to take care of my legs. Otherwise, who will? After all, I need them the most. Without them…okay, I don’t want to imagine that situation.

Er… haven’t I carried a muffler in my cure One Polar bag? Why I am shivering like this while that thing is quietly warm inside my bag? This is not fair. A muffler is supposed to be providing warmth to my neck, dear neck actually. Ah…now it feels warm.

Feels like I am getting tired in with the city life. Do I need a break for a quick trek to the highlands? A city life is like a quagmire. You keep on sinking. You must rescue yourself and run towards the hills. I don’t see that happening anytime soon. That’s sad. So I am thinking of these possible topics for writing but I tell you it’s not always an easy job to turn all fancy ideas into the 800-word stories.

Following the technical and political happenings in the US via web sites and news reports has been one of my all time favorites. I hardly read any newspapers, including my own, that are published from Kathmandu for the headlines are almost same everyday. Politics stinks and there are no novel ideas around. Write ups are like anyone-can-do kind of things and you hardly learn new things. For the innovation, trends and styles, you must read the western publications. That’s my thought for the time being. What we need here is a strong and efficient research wing in our newspapers. Such a section will help reporters gather information and present in beautiful ways so that readers are both informed and entertained.

So coming back to my original point, that is, when you don’t have anything to do what do you do, I think I did something. I wrote! Now time for socks shopping!

3 thoughts on “When You Don’t Have Anything To Do

  1. KK

    Salute Mr. Wagle,

    Its been really long time that I have not been stopped at your blog. I m here after a wide gap. I am happy about your new theme of the blog. its rocking man ! but I think there is kind overlapping problem in your header, you better execute some tweaks and solve it. aaile ta hatar chha i dint read nything, i just scanned it from top to bottom. i m sure i will allocate some hours tomorrow for your great blog.


  2. purushottam

    dineshji, you are a journalist.
    probably you can give me some advices
    As a youth, what can i do to help the country…i mean not changing the country single handedly but i can certainly contribute to it
    what are your views on “what we youths should do when we have nothing to do”?
    Suggestions from others are welcome too.



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