While returning from Chandanpur village the next day that was sunny and beautiful, we were having snacks in the middle of the road just above the green and scenic Lele village. Then seeing Suraj lying on the road, I decided to do some acrobats. Thus these photos. No, I am not going to the Beijing Olympics.

Okay, so you want to get more info about those sandals? Here you go: WSJ and Blogmandu (Nepali).

6 thoughts on “Acrobatics!

  1. jy

    HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Looking wild and childish,Laughed till my stomach ached.Keep it up!Give my thanks to ur Pal who Captured these CRAZY mood of Yours.


  2. Lisa

    Hey let me ask you a question,Were you an Acrobat before you joined journalism?????????
    Anyway Pics are Great,Laughed till stomach ached.
    Keep it up,Give my great compliment to ur PAL who took these PICS……..



    Hey Dinwag! Get ready and make hurry to go China to be participated in gymnastic. I hope you will be the first one from Nepal to obtain Olympic gold medal. Please don’t lose this golden opportunity. You are brilliant sportsmanship, there is no doubt.

    If you don’t like to join Olympic, there is an another idea. why don’t you act in film? you are a supper Actor!!!!!!!!! Go on… Best of luck ..!!



  4. shailesh bikram khadka

    i hope u cleaned up those dirts ( real ko batta, plastics..) later on……ki lastma nepali bhayekai pramaan chodnu bho??



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