October 22, 2011

Maoist Party Literature: Realized in past couple of days that I had never read Maoist party literature before. Amazingly complex writeup/sentences in Prachanda’s “work”. Hadn’t read all these “famous” decisions like that of Chunbang meet, 2nd National Conference & Phuntibang meet of the Maoist party during and after the armed conflict (1996-2006). Feels like knowing janayuddha (people’s war) & Maoist comrades’ feud, their hypocrisy/double standard from so close & first hand. Almst bcame Maoist! LOL. I was traveling in public bus carrying this thick book titled “Prachanda: Chhaniyeka Rachanaharu- Khanda Dui” (Prachanda: Selected Writings- Part Two) with a huge photo of the Maoist Chairman on the cover. People would look at the cover and immediately give me a look from head to toe with strange and unreadable expression on their faces. That was funny. They must have taken me as a hardcore Maoist member and may also have feared me! Sorry folks!!

[Added later in the day: Here’s link to the article that I wrote after reading all those documents and talking to many people: माओवादी-भारत सम्बन्ध: पहिले विस्तारवाद, अहिले अवसरवाद


4 thoughts on “Maoist Party Literature

  1. samratgb

    Yes!its reality, especially Rural people not only think you are one of the leader of Maoist/ MB( Maobadi) but also they feel themselves insecure in these post-conflict days too. They feel hesitate to talk to you.


  2. Weid

    It’s a general perception of general people in general way which makes us clear that still the majority fears with the past.


  3. Karuna Shrestha

    In fact not interested to recall the days of conflict. Horrible, terrible and don’t know what what bad-able. Mukh nai herna maan lagdaina ti Mb netaharuko!



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