MLTR ‘Learn to Rock’ in Kathmandu!/wagle/status/137863693705822209

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mltr in kathmandu

mltr perform in kathmandu

Nepali band Kutumba, popular for their instrumental music, warm up the audience before the visiting Danish band MLTR show to the Himalayan audience how they have learned to rock in all these years. This is the second international gig (by western musicians) since last February when Canadian Bryan Adams kicked off his show with Bob Seger’s Katmandu.

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Here are more photos from the concert: (all by Suraj Kunwar)

Here are my tweets from the concert venue (chronological order):!/wagle/status/137863693705822209!/wagle/status/137870355216871424!/wagle/status/137872238862012416!/wagle/status/137872750617427968!/wagle/status/137877544920809473!/wagle/status/137879973515108352!/wagle/status/137880734332493824!/wagle/status/137881773496471552

2 thoughts on “MLTR ‘Learn to Rock’ in Kathmandu

  1. Viewfinders

    They’re actually not the second western artist performing here in Nepal. You must have been confused because of all the hype these two got. The event called Silence Festival had invited international (western) bands to perform here in Nepal in 2010 as well as 2011.



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