The iPhone story

Yesterday I read a very interesting article in the NY Times about iPhone theft in New York. This particular iPhone was restolen & the first thief went to police to complain! Fascinating story! Reminded me of the day my iPhone was stolen in New Delhi’s Old Fort in 2011. Had gone there to meet managers of Nepathya (The band was performing there.) I ordered a plate of chowmin, paid for the same at the counter where I left my iPhone and went to the delivery counter. In less than five minutes I realized my phone was not with me. Went back to the pay counter. The guy behind the desk said he never saw any iPhone. I didn’t trust him. But what could I do? Somebody suggested me to file a FIR to a police station about 2 kilometers away. Without my phone, I couldn’t contact the Nepathya managers. I went back to my apartment and quickly changed passwords of my email and social network accounts. After reading the NYT piece I thought may be I should have trusted the police and filed a complaint that day. Hmmm. That’s the story of me being a victim of “Apple Picking” in the Indian capital.