About Dinesh Wagle

Dinesh Wagle

dinesh wagle: Just before the vote. election day. 19 nov 2013.

My name is Dinesh Wagle. I am a journalist by academic training and work experience. I analyse politics for a living. I have worked for several Nepali publications including Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post, both national daily newspapers.

During my last year as a fulltime journalist at Kantipur, I led a team that produced the Saturday edition of the paper. Before that, as the paper’s New Delhi bureau chief from Nov 2008 to Feb 2011, I filed stories and columns for Kantipur and The Post (and Kantipur TV and Radio Kantipur) on Nepal-India relations, Nepalis in India, and Indian politics and society.

I was born in Ramechhap, eastern Nepal. I live in Kathmandu.

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Dinesh Wagle


I am also a blogger who started what everyone later found out to be Nepal’s first blog site. Quite a few national and international media (new and old) have noticed that.

  1. Between activism and journalism -AsiaMediaNepalese journalist, blogger, activist Dinesh Wagle walks a fine line to fight for what he believes in
  2. Not just critics. WEBLOG WATCH -BBC
    Not so long ago, many blogs were not unlike LiveJournal diaries: all personality quizzes and LOLs, but the form is versatile, it’s developed, and some bloggers are getting serious. Very serious.
    And outside of the West, that change has been fast. A good example is given by Dinesh Wagle, who set up Nepal’s United We Blog! resource.

  3. Nepalese bloggers, journalists defy media clampdown by king -Online Journalism Review
    United We Blog was launched only last October by a group of journalists who write for the Kathmandu Post, Kantipur Daily, and Nepal Weekly. The blog’s co-founder Dinesh Wagle, 26, is a gregarious Kantipur Daily reporter who covers technology issues. His crusade to get Nepalese journalists to blog has made him a leading figure in the nascent Nepalese blogosphere, and United We Blog has gone from a personal forum to a much more politically charged outlet.

  4. Nepali Bloggers Break Media Blockade -WACC
    Dinesh Wagle, Salam Pax of Kathmandu

  5. Journo, blogger, activist: An ‘uneasy combination’ in some parts, says Nepalese blogger– OJR
    Journalist. Blogger. Activist. All three labels describe Dinesh Wagle, whose blog United We Blog!, has literally changed the face of journalism in his native nation of Nepal.

  6. Online Opposition American Journalism Review
    Within days [of the Royal coup], the media community began fighting back. Some took an activist role, helping organize street demonstrations and devising ways to circumvent censors. A small cadre of journalists took to the Internet as soon as access was restored a week later. One of the leaders was Dinesh Wagle…

  7. Nepal scribes evade censors with blogs Reuters/The Telegraph (Calcutta)

Journalists in Nepal are going hi-tech to sidestep tight censorship imposed after last month?s royal coup.

Outspoken web logs, or blogs, are springing up and being widely quoted and linked to in the blogosphere, the mushrooming cyberworld rapidly establishing a place for itself as an alternative source of news and information.

“I feel that our very own survival, intellectually and mentally, depends on freedom,” says Dinesh Wagle, a newspaper journalist who runs United We Blog! (www.blog.com.np).


89 thoughts on “About Dinesh Wagle

  1. Sangam Uprety

    Getting around your blog hasn’t been much time. But oh! it is you who raised my interest in blog. Remember your reference in Kantipur daily? Much interesting are your articles in Kantipur. I remember your comment on purchase of Wall Street Journal by the ‘media samrat’ Mr. murdoch. It was a typically organized one. I love the way you raise, clarify and customize your presentation on any topic. Another really impressing one was the ’sayaun thunga ..digital mala’. Thanks.


  2. आकार

    Dear Dinseh dai,
    I’m a regular reader of your article which are published in katipur . Your writing style is also great.And your blogs are also running well.Keep it up.However I’ve also started blog,if you are not so buzy, look it once.Because you are the source of my inspiration. Yes it is.
    I’ve read ur many article releated to web,blog, technology etc.After reading your article I came to know that blogs have reshaped the world of web.So, I’m also interested and started, but it’s quite tough for me as I’m not so much familier with the content of blog,rules and regulation.Any way, I bloged at blogger.
    It’ll be helful for us if you have published about tips and tricks for new blogger.Or you have already published it………I want to mail you but you are changing your email id frequently…….Any way, remember that you have also become GURU for somebody……….And lastly, belated happy new year-2008


  3. Dr. Dinesh K Karki

    ohhhh mit jyuu…

    1st time i entered into your personal site…found palatable..byline is decorated with good nepangreji words..keep it up man..i became doctor after coming here @ktm from ur adjacent district Dolakha…you too came into lime light of journalism…..maintain the stature by any form of sweat and toil…keep going ur pen.. keep on smiling..

    with regards,
    Dr Dinesh Karki,old banesor


  4. D Khadka

    In Nepal, lots of journalist and publishers working with the main media. I just wanna say you that you are not only write your article to live up the journalism but you write for the live up the life of people also. Your occupation and hobbies are’nt be for the negativity. You are the first journalist who really inspired by the positivity. I don’t wanna see you in any negativity in your article coz you never be going to meet with negative person.

    Lastly; unknowingly i’m one of your best friend and fan, come and lets join with me whenever you want.


  5. reyaj kc

    ma biratnagar bat dai.

    aajkal mero 5 Rs tesai kantipur kinn ma kharchh vaeraheko 6 dai. kinaki tapaiko artical hoodain . k ab lekhna chhadanu vayeko ho? ki hami jasto padaku harule tension diyer lekhan band garnoo bhyeko. je hoss aaune sanibar chai tapai ko artical chahiyo malai la. kunai subject 6ain vane ma vani diula ni hoonn.

    ok tapai ko kunai comment 6 vane plz welcome 6 mero ma pani…………. soory 4 any thing……..


  6. Bhupendra

    You have great talent and professionalism in journalism. I am impressed with the quality that you have kept for your blogs. But the name WSJ for Wagle Street Journal sounds like Wall Street Journal, and I am afraid if people take it as a copied version of the later.

    It would be great if people like you start thinking in creating own brand and not copy others.

    Good Luck!


  7. Umesh

    Dinesh Ji

    How many times you jump here and there, Nepali media has limitations. That’s your on time right decision, to accept the int’l journalism. I always read your article in Kantipur it’s so interesting, especially your SAILI. And your blog, since Jana Aandolan-2006, when I was in Indonesia. Today I got a time to read your blog and came to know that you are posted in New Delhi. It’s good for your carrier. Do the ethical journalism.

    Keep it up…bro…



  8. ankit aryal

    hi dinwag

    i love to read all your articles and i find all of them great.on every saturday u post something in kantipur,which is always great to read.today i am requesting you could you please write something about “CALL CENTER”.I AS A STUDENT 0O GRADE 11 DOESN’T KNOW WHAT EXACTLY HAPPENS IN A CALL CENTER,WHAT IS ITS WORK AND IS THERE ANY CALL CENTER IN NEPAL OR NOT.AS FAR AS I DO KNOW THERE IS NO CALL CENTER IN NEPAL BUT THERE ARE A LOT LIKE GROWIMG MUSHROOM IN RAINY SEASON IN NEWDELHI SO COULD YOU PLEASE WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT CALL CENTER .IF U COULD I WOULD LOVE TO READ IT.


  9. barsha

    actualy i’ve bn readin ur articles for quite a lon tym, n let me tell they’ve alwaz bn interesting. though this is the 1st tym i’m writing 2 u. well, wud luv reading more from u.
    since u r in india, wud luv 2 read a lil more abt chandani chowk(though u’ve posted article on chandni chowk months back), but i thnk it msd the religious side of the place.


  10. Sanjeev Wagle

    Hi Dinesh bro,

    I keep on checking your posts..

    I find them very interesting…may be because i too am a Nepalese student staying in india..

    The way you describe india and compare the same in terms of Nepal is so true..

    Why dont you visit some Indian colleges where Nepalese students do study and then write about them, what they feel about staying in india, whats their opinion about Nepal… i mean would they love to be back to Nepal or wont mind staying in india only!!

    Anyways…love to read more of your posts!!


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  14. nepalidiot

    Needless to say I regularly go through your articles and that I like them a lot. We need more people like you to address us.
    Infact our generation of youngsters (refering to those born late seventies to early eighties, got educated at prestigious schools either in Darj., Dehradun, Kathmandu, or from Biratnagar, Dharan, Damak, Birtamod, Birgunj, Hetauda, Bharatpur/Narayangarh, Butwal, Pokhara, Bhairahawa,Nepalgunj and Surkhet), are the ones who are feeling left out of everything. Why?
    1) We vividly remember “46”. Most of us were kids and thus we grew up with new democratic nepal.
    2) Most of us are bahuns and chhetris from middle and upper middle class. Almost all of us have our own homes with plenty of ancestral land in our “Pahad ” and also in “Terai”.
    3) Our parents are wealthy pahade bahuns who were lucky few to passout from school during Panchayati era and holding a governmental posts from khardar, subba upto Adhikrits.
    Infact some of our parents are the 1st generation of doctors, engineers, (read overseer) lecturers in nepal.
    4) Those from richer families (businessmen, lahures, government secretaries) went to Darjeeling or Dehradun or our own Budhanilkantha and Xavier in Kathmandu for studies. Most of us were the fresh batches of newly opened so called “English Medium Boarding Schools” by Darjeeling and Assam returned nepalese, in cities mentioned above.
    5) We woke up with “Jai Jai Kali” of Radio Nepal and were those who frequently listened to “Ghatna Ra Bichar” though we couldn’t figure out everything. National Television was also a kid then. “Ramayan, Mahabharat, Oshin, Biman Chaalak, Twakka Tukka, Saturday movies, Pakistani serials” were favorites. Then we grew a bit older. We were teens now and this was when cable TV had conqured our homes. Nepali Pop, English Pop, Rock, Blues, WWF ( Not “E”) were part of our lives. WE WERE THE LUCKIEST TO HAVE GROWN THIS WAY. NO NEPAL BANDH NO MAOIST NO FEAR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
    6) We had no fear. Our dreams were few. We wanted to be singers, wanted to have our own bands, wanted a bike and …….. thats it. And our parents wanted us to be Doctor, Engineer or Pilot during all the “AASHIK” of wonderful dashains gone by. They wanted our female members to get married to a decent guy from a wealthy family.
    (To Be Continued)


    1. Dinesh

      Thank you. And very interesting observation. The current instability in the society has come as an obstruction to our progress for sure and, more than anyone else, Maoists are to be blamed. But one should also not forget that the Maoist movement brought about some really positive changes in Nepali society. People have become so much aware politically and socially about their rights which is a great thing in a democratic society. But then so many bad things came along…which is terrible.


  15. पिंगब्याक: स्टलका यौवना: इन्फोटेकको एउटा आकर्षण « ब्लगमान्डू

  16. पिंगब्याक: गोपीको फिल्मी सपना « ब्लगमान्डू

  17. पिंगब्याक: Another History in Nepal: Snowfall in Kathmandu On a Romantic Day « United We Blog! for a Democratic Nepal

  18. nepalidiot

    (part 2)
    7) We were pretty sure of what we were supposed to do. Pass out of school (1st div and nothing less), ISc. (+2 colleges were limited in ktm only),then eng or mbbs. The point is “Abroad Studies” was nowhere in our menu.
    8) During higher secondary days the insurgency took pace. Things started getting complicated. Those were the days when during a journey from Biratnagar to Ktm, one had to get his luggage checked at more than dozen checkpoints.
    9) Let us look back at some notable events that unfolded, just when we were overwhelmed of new millenium:- Maoists’ 1st major attack, Hrithik Kanda, Royal Massacre, Nepal Bandhs and conflict in Nepali Congress Party. It was getting worse.
    10) Everything changed. After higher secondary, when we were supposed to have a clear path ahead, things were no more the same
    I remember one of my classmate who hails from a high class Thakuri family. Almost all his “Kakas” and “Mamas” were in army. He too had clear intentions of joining the army. But he didnt. Thus, our choices got changed. Along with “IT in India”, one more topic was hot. “ABROAD STUDIES”
    (To be continued)


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  20. पिंगब्याक: Face Value: Being a Nepali in India « Wagle Street Journal

    1. Dinesh

      Dear Upendra,

      Thanks for writing. फिचर लेखन प्रति तपाईको चासोको म सरहना गर्छु । नेपाली पत्रकारितामा अलिकति भाषिक फुलबुट्टा हाल्दैमा फिचर हुन्छ भन्ने कतिपयलाई परेको हुन्छ जो सत्य होइन । कुनै पनि समाचारलाई सबै पक्ष समावेश गरेर पूर्णरुपमा कथा झै भन्दा अनावश्यक शब्दहरुको प्रयोग नगर्दा पाठकलाई रमाइलो/फाइदै हुन्छ । नेपालीमा के कस्ता किताव लेखिएका छन् भन्न सक्ने अवस्थामा म अहिले छैन ।

      न्युयोर्क टाइम्स, वासिङ्टन पोष्ट जस्ता पत्रिकाका लामा समाचार/रिपोर्ट (बिचार पृष्ठ होइन) मा एकखालको गहिराइ पाइन्छ र ती मध्ये धेरै जसो उत्कृष्ट ढङगमा लेखिएका हुन्छन् । The Poynter Institute ले अमेरिकी पत्रिकाहरुमा निस्केका उत्कृष्ट समाचार लेखनहरुको स‌ङ्गालो Best Newspaper Writing बर्षेनी जस्तो निकाल्छ । त्यसमा निकै रुचिपूर्ण स्टोरीहरु समावेश हुन्छन् र केही कितावलाई मैले निकै उपयोगी पाएँ । त्यहा प्रकाशित स्टोरीमा फिचरमात्र भन्ने होइन, कुनै पनि ठुलो घट्नालाई पत्रिकाले कसरी पठनीय ढङ्गमा ‘भन्नुभयो, गर्नुभयो पत्रकारिता’ बाहेको शैलीमा प्रस्तुत गरिएका हुन्छन् । अनि मैले पढेको त छैन तर यो किताव The Art and Craft of Feature Writing: Based on The Wall Street Journal Guide पनि उपयोगी नै होला जस्तो छ ।


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  24. Hari Prasad Kadel

    Dinesh jee

    I have been trying to publish an article in Kantipur daily ,the most popular national daily of Nepal but don’t know how to post my article . could you guide me ,please?

    I am a regular customer of Kantipur and kathmandu post . I have several time gone through your article here. your skill is seems quite praise worthy . I like your indeaviours to aware us .

    your wellwisher

    Hari Prasad kadel
    chitwan ,Nepal


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  29. Shailesh gyawali

    Wagle Dai

    mero articles haru pani cha ,ma dheri online optimization haru ma lekchu. tyo hajur sanga ka sahre garna ke kasari garnu parcha.

    miti 10/03/2068 ma hajur le internet sanga ko suruwata lekh ma hajur le mero suruwata ko din haru ko yaad garnu vayo.

    first blog maile tripod ma blog vanako tiye , tespachi geocities.. now ma blogger, wordpress ma kamgarchu. Geocities le sewa banda garda naramelo lagyo.

    Gmail ko first time invite maile usa ko santi sanga mageko tiye.. tespachi hajur ko jasti sabi sathi harulai invite gare ani famous pani vaye..

    pachi chat feature le facebook block vako tauma ma Gtalk le kam garyo… [wa google good job]

    Dai, hami jasto Internetholic haru le kasari Intenet ko Sadupayo garne vane varema Articles payo vanne ramro huncha.

    Dai Piracy ko vare ma articles leknu paryo. [Must need to all the Teenage fren who download from torrent sites]Cyber law implement vako cha so.

    hajur ko blog Follower ….


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