dinesh wagle, nepali journalist in varanasi
Dinesh Wagle interviews a Nepali priest (not seen) at the Nepali Temple at Lalita Ghat, on the bank of River Ganges, Varanasi, India in 2009. Pic by DK

Dinesh Wagle has been a journalist for 14 years (till 18 Feb 2012) with several Nepali publications including Kantipur and The Kathmandu Post, both daily newspapers by Kantipur Publications, Nepal’s largest media company. During his last year in journalism Dinesh coordinated the team that produced the Saturday edition of Kantipur, a Nepali-language newspaper. Before that, as the Publication’s New Delhi bureau chief from Nov 2008 to Feb 2011, Dinesh filed stories and columns for both Kantipur and The Post (and Kantipur TV and Kantipur FM) on Nepal-India relations, Nepalis in India and Indian politics and society.

Before joining Kantipur newspaper in late 2004 Dinesh Wagle was a reporter with Nepal magazine from the same publishing group. The weekly magazine was a Fortnightly when he joined it in mid 2000. Dinesh also worked at two other weekly newspapers in Kathmandu (Bimarsha and Tarun) before joining Nepal.

Dinesh never planned to become or thought about being a journalist before he chose journalism as one of the majors in RR College, Trubhuvan University. He, for some unknown reasons- probably as a fashion, wanted to study Science. Like many youths he also wanted to be a doctor or an engineer. He even took a preparatory course for engineering before actually seeing his School Leaving Certificate (10th grade) result. The result (65 percent) was average but the marks he got in an entrance exam for Science course were not enough to get him into the Biology department of Tri Chandra College. However, the SLC percentage was more than enough for him to get in to R R College. Four of his highschool buddies- Anjan Dhakal, Diwakar Aryal, Raju Raut, and Ujjwal Acharya- also went to RR.

Now, because one of his major subjects was Journalism, Dinesh started buying and reading at least one newspaper, mostly weeklies, daily. His passion for journalism slowly got ignited. After the very first year in the college, he was thinking of writing something for newspaper.

No Teacher, Be a Reporter
After finishing the two-year Proficiency Certificate Level (+2, post-SLC) Dinesh wanted to work in a newspaper. He went to at least two weekly papers to try his luck. An editor with Asanbazar Weekly was interested.  Dinesh filed at least two articles for the weekly. Soon he lost interest in the weekly paper. In December 1997 Dinesh went to a Kathmandu Boarding School to teach kids. With all respect to teachers, Dinesh says, he hated the job.

That is why he terminated his good friendship with wonderful kids in a month to start, with new spirit of the new year of 1998, his career as a journalist with Tarun weekly newspaper. A month as a trainee reporter was sufficient for editors at Tarun test Dinesh’s ability and hire him as a staff reporter.

Changing the Paper
In the mid of 1999, Dinesh changed his office. He went to work for Saptahik Bimarsha, a prominent weekly newspaper from Kathmandu. There he mostly reported on, well, everything, from politics to crime, corruption to development. He also ran a business column for the newspaper, though, he didn’t consider himself a business reporter. While working as a staff reporter at Bimarsha Dinesh also interned at the Kathmandu Post for three months beginning January 2000. The internship was part of his bachelor’s degree journalism course.

Reporter Becomes Editor
Dinesh briefly edited a monthly magazine called Pardeshi in 2001 while he was working as a reporter at Nepal magazine. Pardeshi circulated primarily in Hong Kong. He discontinued the editorship which lasted for about four months because he found it difficult to work in two magazines at the same time.

receiving computer association of nepal award
Dinesh Wagle, right, receives the Best Information Technology Journalist Award from the Computer Association of Nepal in 2003. On left is the CAN president Lochan Lal Amatya
Dinesh Wage in Nepal magazine newsroom
Dinesh Wage in Nepal magazine newsroom

At Nepal magazine
In mid 2000, Dinesh left Bimarsha to join Nepal, a Sunday magazine by Kantipur Publications. He worked there until late 2004 when he switched to the Kantipur daily, from the same publishing house. At Nepal, Dinesh wrote on various social topics including, mainly, Information Technology. He was recognized as best “IT Journalist [writing in] Nepali” by Computer Association of Nepal in 2003. In February 2003, Dinesh was awarded the “best reporter of the year” for his “outstanding performance” at Nepal by its publisher Kantipur Publications. The magazine is available on the web at eKantipur.

dinesh wagle infront of MINI computer
While doing a cover story for "Nepal" magaizne Dinesh Wagle went to the National Computer Center (now dissolved) in Kathmandu to see Mini Computers. Photo by Nishchal Chapagain

Dinesh Loved his job
Writing is his passion. Journalism is what Dinesh loved the most when he was an active journalist. Even now, as a journalist in hibernation, he feels journalism is a great profession. He enjoyed his job as a journalist. Journalists work at odd hours and they have their own ’style’ of functioning. The job requires a lot of mental engagement which is not bound by time (office hours). Said Dinesh: “You may not be in office physically, but, as my experience suggests, you are almost always mentally involved in your current or the next story.” His father initially wanted Dinesh to join the government service for which Dinesh had no particular fascination. Dinesh was fully committed to the profession of journalism, with complete respect and devotion to work, till his last day as a journalist.


10 thoughts on “Journalist

  1. hi dinesh,

    i came across your fascinating blog while also tracking down the equipment
    kevin sites uses. i am a videographer and was wondering if you know more
    about the video cameras kevin uses…like the hdr hc1 (now 7)? or others?

    i have travelled extensively based on my first wish to travel to kathmandu…a
    place i have yet to see and though it turned out not to be my first adventure…
    i still dream of making it there one day soon.

    i admire what you are doing. and though the world has ways for us to ’succeed’ through school or working one’s way up the corporate ladder…they
    offer no guarantee of personal fulfillment and a life of meaning. what you are
    doing has all that and more. continued success.

    woodstock, new york


  2. म पहिले देखी नै तपाईंको Articals नियमित अध्ययन गर्ने र चासो राख्ने आम सर्बसाधारण हुँ र मलाई तपाईंको IT सम्बन्धी Articals अत्यन्त राम्रो लाग्ने गर्छ र अपेक्ष्या पनि राखदछु.


  3. I once used to be a journalist student but could not complete my education on basic difficulties. i always wanted to be an aspiring journalist and work with the print media but all in devastation as none of qualities for a journalist do i possess now but hopefully going through your blog i have been now encouraged to follow my dreams.


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