Jatra [जात्रा]


[This post was written on 21st March.]

The Nepali word jatra means a festive atmosphere. Ghode Jatra is the festive atmosphere that involves ghodas (horses) and men, of course. Don’t know if horses too enjoy the moment but that’s a topic for another entry.

The word jatra also means a mess. Things are not in order. Out of control, sort of. Like the traffic of Kathmandu.

The tree men

Yesterday the parade ground Tundikhel in central Kathmandu saw yet another annual edition of the Ghode Jatra. The Tundikhel itself is fenced by tall iron bars but that didn’t discourage people to get or struggle to get a glimpse of the military show by climbing trees across the road which surrounds the parade ground. I could see that many people who didn’t want to steal a glimpse were simply stranded there at the bus stands as the police had diverted vehicles to other direction.

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