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Back Water Boating

Backwater boating video

We three: Ishwari (front), Dinesh (middle) and Gokul

Never heard that term until two weeks ago and today I feel this is one of the most memorable things I did until now. It was soooo much fun, to go around the canals after canals on a motor-engine run boat and observe the life around. I thought the boating would be done in the SEA itself. No, that wasn’t the case to be. The ‘house-boats’ (boats carrying hotel-like rooms and other facilities) were nice attractions of the trail.

Yesterday we stayed in Fort Kochhi, near Ernakulam and the place was small, very quiet,touristy and of course beautiful. The place where we ate dal/bhat was the best attraction with full marks to the owner of the eatery. Continue reading