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Pubs and Ale of London

Ale being served...

Here comes your ale…

I don’t enjoy alcohol. I dislike the taste of beer. Smell of whiskey makes me vomit. Same with jaand, raksi, tongba, chhyang and aanila (which I unsuccessfully tried to drink in a Newari restaurant in Kirtipur just before Dasain in October). That being a detailed disclaimer and me being a bahun ko chhoro who shouldn’t be touching all these dirty things (!! 😉 ), let alone drink or try to drink, here I present a series of photos from various pubs of London where I drank a lot of ale and beer (again taste was horrible).

A friend had suggested to find the difference of taste between ale and lagar. I heeded the suggestion. Not sure if I could find any but it was all fun. Got almost drunk. That was all part of my ‘see and feel London’ efforts. Also, I wanted to post this entry. In the process, I learned a thing or two about the role of pubs in British life (like how they bring communities together etc). Talked to a few random people who were consuming a lot of alcohol. Some of them were dancing and others were singing (see the video). Continue reading

beer station in mall of asia manila (0)

Mall of Asia, Manila Bay and a Glass of Draught Beer (a Photo Album)

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In my first evening out in Manila, I was taken to Manila Bay and the Mall of Asia. Here are some images taken during that trip. I went to both of these places later too during daytime. I am not a great fan of beer- alcohol in general- and draft beer was certainly new to me. Especially the way the it was served as if it were lassi or something similar. But the brand of the beer, San Miguel- if not the taste- felt so familiar. And the MOA? Very big yes but, apart from that, nothing special. The Bay? It was nice. If I am to vote, though, I may go for the Marine Drive, Mumbai– a much smaller place by size but relatively cleaner and better organized.

A glass of Beer (or a peg of Whiskey, sir?)

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Uncle Mehra, my 75-year-old friendly landlord, is not entirely happy with me as he rightly feels I don’t enjoy alcohol. Not that I don’t consume liquor because I believe that’s unhealthy or not a good thing to do. I simply don’t like the taste. That, however, hasn’t stopped me from drinking beer once in a while (I don’t even smell so called hard drinks like rum/vodka/whiskey etc.). Last time I did take beer was five days ago when a friend of mine on his way to Afghanistan transited in Delhi and came over to my apartment. Every sip was like a big hurdle. Uncle Mehra wasn’t with us that evening (his son was) but he doesn’t like it when I make terrible face while reluctantly sipping beer which tastes like gaumutra (cow’s urine) or something to me. The only difference is that the latter is considered holy (and healthy) by our tradition. Continue reading