Pubs and Ale of London

I don’t enjoy alcohol. I dislike the taste of beer. Smell of whiskey makes me vomit. Same with jaand, raksi, tongba, chhyang and aanila (which I unsuccessfully tried to drink in a Newari restaurant in Kirtipur just before Dasain in October). That being a detailed disclaimer and me being a bahun ko chhoro who shouldn’t […]

Mall of Asia, Manila Bay and a Glass of Draught Beer (a Photo Album)

In my first evening out in Manila, I was taken to Manila Bay and the Mall of Asia. Here are some images taken during that trip. I went to both of these places later too during daytime. I am not a great fan of beer- alcohol in general- and draft beer was certainly new to […]

A glass of Beer (or a peg of Whiskey, sir?)

This is slideshow. For the album view, go at the end of the post. Uncle Mehra, my 75-year-old friendly landlord, is not entirely happy with me as he rightly feels I don’t enjoy alcohol. Not that I don’t consume liquor because I believe that’s unhealthy or not a good thing to do. I simply don’t […]