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A Paragraph From Nehru Autobiography

It’s 11:16 PM and I am yawning. I should be actually going to bed though I was there until a few minutes ago reading “An Autobiography” of Jawaharlal Nehru. I finished reading first 36 pages of the six hundred (plus something) page book that I found very interesting and insightful. I wonder why I didn’t go through this book earlier.

As I finished this current chapter (War-time Politics In India) and started yawning, the nocturnal blogger inside me urged me to get the sirak off, start the PC and type some lines. What lines exactly, I wasn’t told. So a few lines from the book that are particularly contextual to my day today (which was utterly wasteful and boring). Okay, just remembered the work that I did today (visiting the Nepal Investment Bank), so I must change that ‘utterly wasteful’ to ‘partially productive’. When I am saying ‘utterly wasteful’ perhaps I am hinting at my recent days or weeks that haven’t been quite productive. Productive in what specific terms, that I don’t know. Continue reading