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Final Day and Visit to Elephant Breeding Center

I had an opportunity to have Tharu food in a stall on the ground. The food, Chicheri was similar to rice and was tasty. “What’s your name?” I asked the girl on my left for this caption. “Lina,” she said. And surname? “Come on,” she replied. “You are in a Tharu food stall.” Lina Chaudhari is a student of BA in a college in Chitwan and she was volunteering in the stall. Pic by Pawan Neupane

28 Dec: The final day of the elephant race. I slept till 3 PM. I read a few pages of The Story of Nobody. I wasn’t feeling well. Subrat Acharya SMSed me saying that the program was about to get over. I was planning to interview the winning elephant rider so I went slowly to the ground. I found an oxen cart on way and jumped over it for the bumpy ride. One guy came after a while and started conversation in broken English thinking that I was a foreigner. Many people have mistaken before. How can a bearded man carrying camera and wearing North Face jacket and trekking trouser be Nepali? I didn’t speak because I knew he was form a hotel or something and wanted me to book room there. When I responded in Nepali to Santosh Acharya, another friend of mine in Nepal Magazine, who was returning from the ground, the boy instantly realized that I wasn’t exactly the one he was looking for. He quickly left the cart but thankfully paid the fare.

I reached at the ground and interviewed (pic, above by Subrat Acharya) the man of the moment: Nasir Ali seated at the back of the elephant of the moment (Janga Bahadur). Here is what I wrote for Kantipur based on the interview:

यति कुरा गरिसकेपछि नासिरको दिमागमा हात्तीको कानमा हुने रहस्य फुत्त आएजस्तो भयो । ‘मान्नुस हात्तीको कान भनेको गाडीको एक्सिलेटर जस्तै हो,’ क्लोजअप मञ्जनको विज्ञापनमा देखिनेजस्ता सेता दात देखाउदै नासिर अलिले भने- ‘जति दबायो उति दौडिन्छ ।’

तर कुनै हात्ती कम र कुनै छिटो किन – निश्चिय नै, त्यो हात्तीको शरीर र बलमा भर पर्ने कुरा हो तर नासिरले फट्ट जवाफ दिए- ‘हजुर उसो त (मोटरसाइकलहरू) स्प्लेन्डर र आरएक्समा पनि फरक हुन्छ । स्प्लेन्डर अलि छिटो दौडिन्छ ।’ लौ, कुरैकुरामा जंगबहादुरको रेकर्ड उल्लेख गर्न बिर्सको । उसलाई तीनसय मिटर जान र सोही बाटो फर्किन फाइनलमा एक मिनेट ३७ दशमलव ३३ सेकेन्ड लागेको थियो । उसलाई दोस्रो हुने पवनकली (एक मिनेट ३७ दशमलव ९७ सेकेन्ड) बाट चर्को दबाब परेको थियो ।

Here is the complete article.

Then we went to Elephant Breeding Center, a few kilometers from the ground. I had been there several years ago which I have already mentioned: with Roberto in 1998. That was quite nostalgic crossing over the muddy river in a boat packed with people. I took a video of the center. Here is the video from the elephant breeding center:

While returning, I bough a bottle of honey. “Hone from tori,” the man said. “How can honey be made from tori?” I asked. Never heard of honey from flower. “Well sir,” the honey is definitely from bees. But bees collected juices from tori. So its tori honey.” I was like wow and instantly paid Rs. 150.

No evening walk for dinner this evening. In the Unique resort folks started singing and dancing as Pawan and I stayed inside reading and sleeping. He was sleeping and I was turning the pages in the dim light of the hotel room. Subrat Acharya came to invite us to join the entertainment and I reluctantly went outside with him. Wasn’t really feeling well but couldn’t really reject his request as well. We outside and ate a piece of roasted chicken. That was warm and tasty.

Elephants of Nepal: Available in All Sizes and Shapes

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Images and video from International Elephant Race in Chitwan, Nepal.

elephants of all size on dispaly in Chitwan, Nepal

Pick up your favorite. Elephants of all sizes were on display just before the International Elephant Race kicked off in Sauraha, Chitwan (Nepal).

elephant with mother

Protected by his mom, a Chhawa (phuchhe elephant) enjoys the sun and human crowd.

elephant with mother

Small is beautiful: Even among Elephants

elephant with mother

He was constantly interacting with curious humans who surrounded him as if he was a monkey.

A video of Elephant Race

In this video taken on the first day of the International Elephant Race in Chitwan, Nepal I have captured the performance of an elephant called Janga Bahadur. Janga Bahadur becomes first in the preliminary round. He also happens to be the winner of the competition covering the distance of 600 meters (two way distance with 300 each) in 1.37.33 minute. There was a tough challenge from Pawan Kali that became second finishing the race in 1.37.97 minute. Here is more in Nepali.