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Makai ra Manab: Corn Tassel and a Human Face

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Perhaps you might want to know some parts of a corn plant before continuing with makai ra manab series?

Corn Silk (aka Makai ko Ghoga Ko Junga!)

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What to say, enjoy the view of cute junga! Pics by DW

Corn Tassel (aka Makai Ko Dhanchammar)

One fine morning recently I was tempted to pursue the plant/grain/cereal photography. Thus these ‘worldclass’ photos of Tassels 🙂 :

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Ear of Corn (aka Makai Ko Ghoga!)

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The food price is rising worldwide making ghogas like these ever expensive. A VOA report titled ‘Corn-derived ethanol shares blame for food price hikes’ quotes John Ashworth of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colorado, as saying that the ethanol industry’s reliance on corn has had some noticeable impact on food prices, especially meat.

“Because grain is valuable, when you take a good chunk of that supply out for making fuels, you are going to have upward pressure on the price of the raw material. Particularly for the cattle industry, which uses a lot of corn, when the price of corn goes up, then the price of beef is going to go up,” he said.  Pics by Dinesh Wagle