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Parking Fee at Pragati Maidan…

…has been increased to Rs. 100 from Rs. 10 overnight!

How much is the car parking fee at Pragati Maidan metro station? Rs. 100 for six hours. It was Rs. 10 for 24 hours until yesterday! I was astonished when learned about 10-fold hike this evening. I wasn’t insane to pay the amount to park a car for less than two hours. Therefore I came back cancelling my trip to Chawri Bazaar. I’ll go tomorrow in auto.

Pragati Maidan in New Delhi is a venue for exhibitions and fares of all kinds. The annual trade fair, perhaps the biggest of them all, has begun from today and on account of that they have increased the parking fee. Continue reading

Symbol of Progress [Metro Rail of New Delhi]

Dinesh Wagle
Walge Street Journal
[This article originally appeared on today’s Kathmandu Post. Nepali version appeared in today’s Kantipur. Click here to read as it appeared on the page of Kathmandu Post and click here to see as it appeared on Kantipur page.]

Metro rail of new delhi
Inside the Metro rail of New Delhi. Pic by DW

Two reasons prompted me to take a ride on New Delhi’s Metro train this month. First, it was one of the easiest means of transportation from Dwarka to Central Secretariat from where I could take a bus to Jangpura Extension where I live. Second, I wanted to see the famed Metro that has been widely described as one of the world’s best city transportation facilities. No doubt, the coolest train system of Delhi is also one of the top tourist attractions in the Indian capital. While travelling about 30 kilometres of distance I not only enjoyed the aura of the fancy compartments but also got to see the city from the height of a three-storey building. The elevated train track runs over the road where ever growing number of vehicles fight for the road space and get stuck in red signals. Up in the air-conditioned metro compartments passengers don’t face traffic jams. Instead they are treated with a good view of the cityscape. Continue reading