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Dhoti and the Meenakshi

Flowery girl of south India

The south gate of the Meenakshi temple.

July 6: We arrived in Madhurai @ 11 am in that part adventurous, part torturous train journey and headed directly to the Meenakshi temple where I had visited during my last trip. This time more photographs, more angles.

And more Dhoti too. This time I bought the authentic Dhoti that replaced my trouser right in the shop in front of the southern gate of the temple. Last time, it became known after I reached Kathmandu, that the Dhoti that I had bought was not really a dhoti but only a part of it. Phew, there’s a small story behind that and I’ll tell that here some day. But today it’s the real, 4 meters long Dhoti with colorful strip. I am wearing this as I am seated in a Tamil Nadu govt bus that is climbing up to the Kodaikanal hills. As the Lonely Planet guide book says it feels good to wear Dhoti and have cool air blown from between your legs in this heat (which is, however, nothing compared to what it is in Delhi). Continue reading