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Marina, Chennai

The Video

July 8: The train journey from Kodaikanal Road (three hours bus ride from the Kodaikanal Hills) to Chennai was excellent. They provided us the bed sheet and pillow for Rs 15 in the rail and that made the 8-hour journey ‘very’ comfortable, my neck tells me.

I stayed awake till 12 am typing one of these entries. When I woke up, we were already in Chennai Egmore (railway station). I wanted to sleep more! But the Marina was waiting for me. The beach that is. So we went directly to the beach that is not very far from the station and felt the coolness of the ‘Bay of Bengal’ water. The beach was dirty even in the early hour when very few vending stalls were open for business. Things including pieces of glasses were scattered all over the sand. But that didn’t stop us from playing with water and waves and taking loads of pictures. Continue reading