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A Year in Delhi, India

Dinesh Wagle in Delhi local train

Fulfilling my year-long desire today I rode in a local train in Delhi.

Yes, a year has passed. Today marks the first anniversary of my arrival in New Delhi. It was a year ago on this day I had landed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport and arrived at B-19, Jangpura Extension to take charge of our one-man bureau. It’s been fun and interesting so far. Something I have learned from the lonely life in Delhi. At the same time there are quite a few things I missed. This is certainly not the first time I have lived away from my family for so long. Initial days of staying in hostel during my primary school days in Dorji School, Boudha were lonelier. It’s a pity there was no World wide Web at that time. Continue reading

Chance Encounters (with Nepalis) In India

“I don’t know what sins we committed in our previous life that we have to serve in a foreign army. It feels like we are going to all these dhams all over India to wash away our sins.”

chandigarh chance encounter with a nepali lad
Bhagiram Gharti didn’t want to be photographed

By Dinesh Wagle
This article first appeared in today’s Kathmandu Post Op-Ed

It was his solitary lunch. Perhaps his time to think and reflect upon the life he had lived so far. He was slowly chewing rice from a small plate in front of him. Under a concrete shade in the middle of the wide courtyard at Chandigarh’s main marketplace, he was seated cross-legged on a concrete bench fully focused on the meal. He was hungry. I don’t know what exactly, but there was something familiar about him that prompted me to ask (in Hindi), “Where are you from?”

In fact, I almost did that in Nepali. The reply, delivered in low but firm voice, confirmed my doubt. “Nepaaal,” he said, looking directly at my eyes. Continue reading