Bajrabarahi and Chitlang Valleys [बज्रवाराही र चित्लाङ]

  हालै मैले काठमान्डू उपत्यकाभन्दा पश्चिमको क्षेत्रका केही भागको यात्रा गरेँ । सहर छाडेर म ककनीबाट बाहिर निस्केको थिएँ, नुवाकोटको बट्टारमा रात विताउन । त्यसपछि म टिस्टुङ देउराली हुँदै मकवानपुर जिल्लाको नबिथोलिएको र विमल बज्रवाराही उपत्यका पुगेँ । चन्द्रागिरि र दामन डाँडाहरूको बीचमा फैलिएको यो बस्तीमा जान मलाई धेरै अघिदेखि मन थियो । बज्रवाराहीबाट एउटा सानो […]

Panche baaja पञ्चे बाजा

A wedding ceremony? An auspicious occasion? Someone very important, a thulo manchhe, coming in the village? Play the panche baja (the five -musical- instruments). That’s still the case in many Nepali villages. These photos are from Dhampus village, north of Pokhara that offers beautiful views of the Annapurna range. When I was there last year […]

Jaleshwar, Mahottari

24 June 2013: Journalists have the best office building in Jaleshwar, headquarters of Mahottari district. Mahottari chapter of the Federation of Nepali Journalists constructed their office building on land provided by the district administration office last year. President Yadav inaugurated the building. Rest of the office buildings in this town look utterly depressing (the Municipality Office building […]

Rukhmuni Ranta Park: Revised Impression of Speakers’ Corner at Hyde Park

So the Speakers’ Corner hasn’t been deserted after all. After I posted an entry on the place portraying it as an empty place James (call him Sir James or James Chambuwan 😉 ) suggested me to go there on a Sunday afternoon. That’s what I did and, lo and behold, there was another James, slightly taller than the one […]

From the hills [Baglung Bazaar]

Long and mostly tiresome bus journeys.From THE valley to the almost plain to the lap of the giant hills where I always love to be in. This moment is on the 30th hours of the journey that has already seen many faces- many of them happy some sad and filled with frustration. A few of […]