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World Toilet Day: Delhi Public Urinals

Delhi urinational point

A man waits for his turn to urinate at a public Pesab Ghar in Chawri Bazaar, Delhi.

Today is the World Toilet Day and, I am not making this up but what a coincidence, I need to go to toilet immediately.

[After 5 minutes.]

But it’s easy in Delhi, compared to Kathmandu, to attend nature’s call. Public conveniences, particularly for urination, are everywhere in the city (again, compared to Kathmandu from where I come). In Kathmandu that’s a major problem. More so in the core city area and main marketplaces. I have faced it and I have heard from others the stories of how they sneaked into Tri-Chandra Campus or RR Campus to piddle.

I was wandering around in Chawri Bazaar, the Delhi-6 market what appeared to me as selling everything that one can imagine. It was busy, crowded, noisy, and fully animated. The sight of people (that includes only men in this case) urinating at the designated public pissoirs was very interesting. The fact that the urinal points were at the unlikeliest or unexpected places didn’t bother me at all. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised. As I walked on the busy road making sure the rickshaw didn’t hit me I strongly wanted to urinate. It was almost one of those moment when you feel like doing it right here, right now. But the funny thing is when I actually saw those places, I forget the pressure and, instead of standing on the queue, I was taking photos. The scene of people peeing publicly in such a buy market was that captivating! Then, all of a sudden, I realize this was THE place I was really looking for. Continue reading