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Politics of Music Video in Nepali Television

After the South Asian Film Festival, there was the festival of South Asian Music Videos (from Nepal, India and Pakistan) in Kathmandu today. I didn’t attend the event but I am very much aware of the politics of favoritism in playing Music Video in Nepali TV stations.

When I woke up in the morning, well that was actually afternoon, I realized that I was tired courtesy of the marathon watching of non fiction films from around South Asia in the past four days. Waking up at around 8 AM, one day it was at 7 AM (can you believe?), and driving up to Kumari Cinema in crowded public vehicles, talking to so many people just for the shake of nothing but formality, watching films (as well as noting down a few dialogues and verbatim etc.), going back to office and writing the news stories under the pressure to meet the deadline. After that, you are home (sometime at around 10 PM), eat the food that has been kindly made ready and put into a hot case, try to briefly catch up to the late night headlines on news channels, log on to blogs and emails because, one, you are addicted to them and, two, you can’t just go to sleep however you try to without doing that. Continue reading