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India’s “White Tiger”

Many Indians, it appears, find it very difficult to accept that their country is still part of the third world

Dinesh Wagle
Wagle Street Journal
[This article originally appeared on the Op-Ed page of the Kathmandu Post today. See it here as it appeared on the paper.]

In an interview with last week’s Tehelka magazine, leading Indian sociologist Andre Beteille mentioned the hotel that came under terrorist attack earlier this month and said: “The Taj Mahal Hotel is, of course, a symbol, but whose?”

Of the elites of India.

N. Kunju, provided further explanation in a letter to Outlook magazine last week: “All this disproportionately loud noise on the Bombay terror attack is because the affected come chiefly from the elite. The victims were people who could afford Rs. 10,000 for room rent and a few thousand on dinner. If this were a terrorist attack in which more people were killed at a religious place like Varanasi or Ajmer, the whole incident would have been written off in a couple of columns.” Continue reading