Congratulations President Bush! Hillary, Are You Ready?

Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the victorious President Bush. Though I endorsed Senator Kerry’s effort for the White House, the popular and the Electoral College vote favored George W. World opinion was against Bush. But majority of the people of the “Divided” States of America voted for the continuity of the incumbent. That’s what matters most. However, the President shouldn’t forget the fact that nearly equal number of people voted against him.

I have seen no person supporting Bush in Kathmandu. Why? Whatever might be the answer, Bush will definitely give no attention to that. But the view of the people of Nepali capital represents the majority of the resident’s around the world. The international community expects very good leadership from the planet’s most powerful man. Arrogance is the last thing they want in the US President. Bush should understand this. Reconciliation is the best option. The effect of globalization couldn’t be ignored.

Let me end this blog with a hopeful note. I genuinely expect Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton to run for the 2008 Presidency. That can be possible. She should be prepared for that race. The US needs a female president which will create history on it’s own. Hillary, are you ready?


Published by Dinesh Wagle

Dinesh Wagle is a Nepali citizen, a blogger and a political analyst. More on

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