Shailaja Acharya And Uma Bharati: Are Marriage And Temper Related?

Does marriage makes one mature, or consistent or helps calm down the temper? There are some examples that show that unmarried people seem to loose their temper too quickly. They are quite unstable and saying this now and that then. On the other hand, is that so? Arguments are bound to be countered for everyone has their own say. Nevertheless, I am in the mood of arguing. Before that, let me present a quick background.

Shailaja Acharya is a centrist ‘Nepali Congress Party’ leader who is famous for her incoherent expressions. One moment, she proudly announces her intention of fighting parliamentary elections. The next, we can hear her backing off from the earlier remarks. She made quite a front page when she demonstrated this inconsistent behavior some time back. She is also notorious for easily loosing her temper on smallest cause. She acts like a kid who, at one moment decides to go to school and immediately after some time, without any valid reason decides not to go.

Uma Bharati is a rightwing ‘Bharatia Janata Party’ or BJP leader who, like Shailaja, is quite notorious for her Sonia Gandhi, Indian Congress Party leader of Italian origin, bashing. She also regularly makes outrageous comments against, well, anyone, regardless of her party line. She nearly resigned from the Chief Ministerial post of Madya Pradesh, an Indian state, when Sonia was on the verge of becoming the Prime Minister of India.

Why I am writing about two women who probably, let me guess, haven’t meet each other? I have a point to make, or prove what I made in the beginning. Shailaja devoted her entire life for political cause, involving herself in the political movement that eventually restored democracy in Nepal. Uma is a self declared Sanyasini who sports yellow/red color attire, wears malas and talks about politics that is largely based on religious hatred and communalism. Both women are in top positions of their respective parties, dream of leading the organization one day. The most important point is that these both women are unmarried. One of our unmarried leaders, celebrated by the name of Krishna Prasad Bhattarai also regularly demonstrated such fluctuation emotional personality.

These both ladies were in news recently. Prashant Aryal, an assistant editor with Nepal Magazine was interviewing Shailaja Acharya some weeks ago. I didn’t read the interview or don’t remember whether that was published at all. But I read Prashant’s diary in the magazine recently where he vividly remembers what happened in that interview day. The scribe wanted some scoop or exclusives from the leader. So he asked her about the complex web of family relations in the Nepali Congress Party. He wanted to know if Shailaja was confident of winning cooperation of other various factions inside the party in her fight for the party presidency expected to be held sometime later this year.

Hearing the question, writes Prashant, Shailaja lost her temper. She would order him to switch off the recorder that was capturing her voice. Shailaja would also expect him to behave like a Congress Party cadre or well-wisher at least and refrain from asking such question, which, she was certain, would bring further divide in the party. “Then the mercury of my respect toward her lowered drastically,” frustrated Prashant notes. He ends his writing, which Devendra, a fellow blogger, termed as “an overwhelmingly emotional expression”, with a question. “Why would she wish to run a party who can’t even deal with a journalist?” Well asked.

Uma’s drama was far more publicized by numerous Indian TV channels that are always looking for some juicy scoops. After re-assuming the presidency of BJP, veteran leader Lal Krishna Advani was before cameras flanked by various senior party leaders. He spoke of increasing violation of discipline in the party. He suggested to leaders, naming Pramod Mahajan, Sabha Navi and Uma, not to speak against each other publicly. Hearing this, Uma who was sitting just in front of Advani, suddenly on her feet and started blasting against some leaders whom she accused of doing nothing but talking against her. They were members of Rajya Sabha, upper house of parliament in India, she said. She also challenged Advani to take disciplinary actions against her. The scene itself was not only dramatic but quite shocking as well. Uma demonstrated her impatience this time around too.

There are stark similarities of impatience and incoherence, among other things, between unmarried women- Shailaja and Uma. I can fairly conclude, not only based on these two events but also after observing their behavior, that both Shailaja and Uma are fluctuating personalities. They are immature. So, my question is: Is there anything to do with their being unmarried in that? Will anyone, married, please clarify?

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I thing Mr. Wagle is unmarried guy. Otherwise he would have writtena ll this thing more clearly. Everyone should know there is somethin called sex and lack of that causes a lots of problems.

Comment by Binaya Sharma — 11/15/2004 @ 2:01 pm