Welcoming Winter in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is exceptionally clear today. Up in North, white and snowy mountains are shining as the sunlight hits upon their cool bodies. The view is clear. It’s beautiful. As I am typing these lines, Guna Raj Luitel is opening windows and praising the scenery that is awesome. Irony is that even though we are proud citizens of this Himalayan country Nepal, we have to wait for these lucky days to enjoy the panoramic view of mountains from Kathmandu. “Oh..ho,” said Subodh Gautam, valley bureau chief of Kantipur, just now. “Kasto ramro rahechha! How beautiful!” Mostly beautiful Himals are covered by thick cloud. Increasing pollution in Kathmandu is also to be blamed for ruining the clear view.

Traffic in the city is comparatively thin, as Kathmandu hasn’t returned to normalcy. Dashain fever is still on. There are not many events happening in the city largely because of the festival. Nepalis love to eat, drink and enjoy but mostly privately. They like to do so in their houses. So nothing exposed on the streets except occasionally (remember Janti or the marriage processions).

Slowly the cold is covering Kathmandu. Winter in so near. Murahari Parajuli yesterday said while drinking black tea: “Oh..it’s so cold.” It is another fact that people like Murahari feel the impact of cold more compared to others because of the body nature. Too thin! I am also not that fat but I can safely claim that my size is middle when if come to comparing myself with Murahari and Girish Giri. “If you feel that a fat man be behaving strangely,” Girish told me while returning from canteen an hour ago, “take him to an eatery and feed him well. The problem will be fixed instantly.” That may be true. He ate a full plate of instant noodles, a plate of pickle and a plate of curry (not to mention a cup of tea).

I can’t explain how much I enjoy sleeping till late morning in winter. I was talking with my brother this morning about the cold that we have started experiencing in Kathmandu in the last few days. Yesterday night, while returning to home, I got approval from our driver that the cold has arrived in Kathmandu. Everyone is feeling it. So, winter is ahead. Let’s welcome it.