Week in Review: Whiz Kid & Kathmandu Spring

First off, a quick update on my teeth. They are all fine except that I am still feeling something odd about the particular tooth in question. A few minutes ago, I took the last remaining capsule of Amoxycillin. I again went to see dentist Ajay Shah on Thursday in Kantipur Hospital. He cleared my tooth and replaced the cement. I will have to visit him on Sunday.

So how was my week? Today, Saturday, was the day of cleaning. No, not the tooth. Yes, teeth also but by toothpaste and brush. I washed a few clothes, my brother helped me like last week. So, nothing special. Work. A few stories and the regular stint with UWB.

I met a person this week with whom I was in tough through internet medium for quite some time. I branded the person “Whiz Kid.” No this is not a romantic relationship and I cannot imagine something like that with this person. I have already given her the “Whiz Kid” title so I am not a whiz kid compatible. But over the weeks, I have become one of her admirers though writing like this does not mean I praise her just to make her happy. I don’t care if she becomes angry or happy with my opinions. That was fun and White Rabbit chocolates were quite okay though they were “duplicate”.

There is another girl and I am in dilemma about her. I mean can’t tell everything here at the moment. I think I will not write more about her here. To be or not to be with… It is that kind of dilemma. I think it will not work. Don’t know why but I think so.

Okay, about the winter. Its too cold. Daily life in Kathmandu is becoming more and more difficult. I don’t see morning so, I have very few comments about how it feels in morning. And I am in newsroom most of the evenings so I hardly know the chill outside. Newsroom is always hot in Kantipur. So it feels warm inside the room. Still, when I get outside for reporting and other purposes, I can fee the chill.

Politics? Depressing. Sometime I feel like kicking out all the royalists out of Nepal. Is that democratic? Don’t think so. The best way out is to kick them out of the governing machinery. But it seems the work is being difficult day by day. Everyone is waiting for some kind of Spring. Kathmandu Spring! Okay, that’s the title of a book by Kiyoko Ogura, a Japanese journalist, about the 1990’s Peoples’ Movement in Nepal. Will those glorious days be back this time around? A few Indian leaders yesterday predicted positively. Lets hope Kathmandu springs yet again to the bright days of democracy.