Soltini Ko Syau Jasto Gala!!!

Time for me to go to yet another trekking. This is more hiking than trekking actually. For about four days because there is no work for me in the city as the office of my newspaper is closed for that many days. Feels good to return back to one of my favorite domains: trekking on the high hills of Nepal. This not only gives me a great excuse to get away from the city life but also takes me nearer to the ground reality of my society that is poor but honest and kind. The best thing about the village life is: WYSIWYG. I haven’t been there before but hope the Helambu lives up to my expectation. Apples and soltini ko syau jasto gala!!! [Soltini’s aka brother’s wife’s sister’s apple-like cheeks!) For those who will be emailing me or trying to contact me: I am not carrying laptop so no chance of getting connected. Thanks to Suraj for accompanying me. We will definitely have fun 🙂