Time To Be Away from Kathmandu

It’s now time for me to be away from the city of Kathmandu and go back to one of my favorite domains: the hills of Nepal. Being a workaholic ass in the city of Kathmandu means I must take break from regular life to refresh myself and inject fresh energy in the soul of Dinesh Wagle. Yes, that’s true. And the fresh air of Nepali hills (mountains for many) definitely helps me retain the energy!


5 thoughts on “Time To Be Away from Kathmandu

  1. NepaleseLaw

    ohoooooo!!!! U are a workaholic ass! That u are saying or people say about you!!! I hope u prefer the second one.
    Anyway, it would be good to let us know where you are going and how u are planning to go to such areas like with the help of map, guide, or self guided n generally budget for normal people so that we get some ideas how to plan such trekking stuffs. We are getting little breaks here from our study and thinking why not to explore some of the enchanting himalayas and nepalese villages. So, basically, it would be helpful to me. Good luck!


  2. Commenter

    Howard Roark…hmm you are passionate about your work and don’t care at all what “People” think..so there’s a resemblance of you with the character..but it would be a DISCOVERY if a character like him can be found in the real world..It is a ideal character , ideal man Ayn Rand seeks….but there’s a strong resemblance, even so Howard Has Dominique in the book…implying “No man is an island” and to whatever extent one might be a workaholic ….there is love which seems to be the driving force behind it all….READ IT.


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