Back in Kathmandu

It should have come up here yesterday but I was too occupied by other activities. I came back to Kathmandu yesterday afternoon. I went to office directly and assumed responsibilities (of talking about the trip with colleagues!). Then to home in the evening. Nothing more for now. I have to finish a story for Koseli today as it goes to press this evening. Then I plan to post more journals from the trip along with the photos.

4 thoughts on “Back in Kathmandu

  1. Chamatkaribaba

    We are waiting for your post man. I am really interested to know how you found India for the first time. I can assume that you found this country very strange and may not be that great helpful to travel. I do not know but just a guess. And what about Mumbabi? stinking city?


  2. LISA

    Kathmanduties missed you so much (at least this reader of urs missed u so much )
    Hope to read more of your articles about ur India visit!!!
    Love from…



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