Kerala Express. Midnight Thoughts

My last trip to Kanyakumari, Rameshworam, Goa journey. And the first Indian Rail and beach visit. I’ll put the rest of the photos of that trip-October 2008- soon and some of the snaps are strikingly similar.

As seen from inside a moving train. That’s my hand

It’s 1:7 am, and as it happens with me most of the nights, I am awake. It’s not because of insomnia though. I am tapping this entry from the upper berth of the train Kerala Express that must be running somewhere in Madhya Pradesh right now. After having dinner at around 8 pm, I had slept at 9. When I woke up at 12 midnight, I thought it was already morning. I was thinking too much.

That three hours of sleep was enough for me to dream a dream that I can only vaguely recall now.

So what say? The lights of the compartment are switched off and people, most of them, are in their deep sleep. Some are awake but still lying on the beds/seats. A Nigerian is sleeping on the upper berth across mine while my two travel-mates are dreaming in the berths below me. Or are they? I just saw Gokul moving his head and hands in the lower berth. The train is moving continuously, perhaps not caring about all these things 🙂

Seems like we are far from the station as my iPhone isn’t receiving any signals. I hope to post this as soon as that happens.

We boarded this train yesterday (1st July) from New Delhi Railway Station at 11:15 am. The train was almost 20 minutes behind it’s schedule when it left the station at 11:50.

The trip has been fun so far. Unlike my previous trip of October last year, this time I am traveling with friends and that is a comforting change. I don’t have to take my backpack to the loo. We hope to reach Kerala tomorrow (3rd July) 3 pm. Let’s see.

The train, meanwhile, is moving. My fellow passengers are sleeping. The Nigerian, it seems to me, is dreaming.

A vendor brings key-holders to sell in the train. And this mustached gentleman here is a Keralite soldier on leave who made three days of our ‘stay’ in the train fun.

Inside a train compartment

The railway track

Peeking into the outside world from a railway cabin

Not exactly sleeping but camera doesn’t know that

Rumal cum lungi becomes turban

mustaches were his pride!

It was all raining in southern India, particularly in Kerala region, and that made our journey so much fun and easy as there was no scorching heat.

One big India: from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. At a railway platform somewhere near Agra.

A man looks out from one of the four entry/exit doors of a railway compartment.

Slightly risky…if hands slip…there’s little chance of surviving…I guess.

Later in the day a family came to our cabin. They got off in Nagpur at around 4 am

5 thoughts on “Kerala Express. Midnight Thoughts

  1. Jaya Wagle

    Love traveling in trains in India. As a single girl working in Bombay I used to travel back home (MP) often and I always preferred the upper birth. Not only was it safe, I could also observe the passengers in my compartment.
    Thank you for bringing back memories. 🙂
    How is your cooking adventure going?


  2. Dinesh

    Yes, Jaya, we are having fun! Today we traveled in a general compartment from Trivendram to Kanyakumari and it was even more fun. Ppl were all nice. Three full days and two nights of train journey and we were certainly trie. But the evening vew of the sea (the place where three sea come together) was heavenly in Kanyakumari. Tomorrow morning, we’ll go for the vew of sunrise.

    As for cooking, I have been trying some cooking and I must say it’s been a nice experience. In fact, it’s very very useful when you are hungry!

    Thanks, Nirvana.


  3. nirvana

    finally, you’ve learnt some cooking traits.
    so, now are u any good at chopping onions?
    i read somewhere that u love doin it. now how true is that?


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