Again in Kanyakumari :)

Okay, that’s Gokul trying to touch sky or something over the sea

My last trip to Kanyakumari, Rameshworam, Goa. And the first Indian Rail journey and beach visit. I’ll put the rest of the photos of that trip-October 2008- soon and some of the snaps are strikingly similar.

A video of DW blowing Shankha in Kanyakumari:

Plans, in fact, changed. We came directly to Kanyakumari today, instead of what was originally planned and amended subsequently. We got off the Kerala Express in Trivandram, the final destination of the train. Then we took another train- coming from Bengalore- to Kanyakumari. We arrived here at around 5 and headed directly to beach with all our backpacks. It was Gokul’s first encounter with the SEA goddess! He was awed. We took couple of photographs before the battery depleted.

Coming from a landlocked country that has only world’s highest mountains, sea naturally fascinates us. It does every time we see it, touch it and feel it.

Tomorrow morning it we will go back to the beach for the sunrise.

When I arrived here I felt I had seen this place before. Then I realized I was here in October 2008!

Ishwari and Gokul at Kanyakumari railway station. The railway track ends here. So does the land after a few hundred meters and begins the world of Water.

With out backpacks, we headed directly to the beach so that we could make most of it before darkness fell over the sea.

The Next morning: Gokul looks on as I jump

Then he does

Ishwari quickly follows

And elderly woman asks Gokul to take her to the sea. Her husband, who was there, wasn’t going to that deep but woman wanted to go.

People gather at the ‘Sunrise Point’ to see the sunrise. Clouds disappointed them. On the foreground is the huge Bibekananda statue and rock.

Nachyo Chyangba…damphu ko taalai ma

Hat..ghoda..hat: Gokul and ghoda at Kanyakumari beach



Someone in Delhi wanted Ishwari to buy a shankha for him. While looking for the right one, we tried to blew it. Ishwari and Gokul couldn’t do that properly but Dinesh could!

Check out the video in the beginning of this post for the dhoon!

At the ‘sunrise point’

In the ferry, to the Bibekananda rock, statue and temple

Ishwari and Bibekananda statue

Ishwari reads a noticeboard at Kanyakumari beach

Dinesh stands in a line to buy temple entrance ticket. This place is commercialized. No wonder why Bibekananda Ashram provides facilities like bedrooms and food in their Ashram nearby for visitors. We stayed there in a Rs. 35 room in a building called Ayodhya.

We three

Dinesh tries to do a Bibekananda

Ishwari quickly follows


One will have to ask Gokul and Ishwari about them!! Isn’t that so Ish? 🙂 Heard that Gokul spoke Japanese? And who has got one of the girl’s cell number re? ha ha ha

Bibekananda Ashram. A good place to stay for those who, like we did, backpack with tight budget. Decent food, clean beds.