Marina, Chennai: A Year After

How fast time flies! I am here in Marina. The sight of sea fascinates the hilly, landlocked person in me so immensely that the salty water holds inexplicable taste to me. The waves, the sand, the color.

marina chennai dinesh wagle

Me, this morning, at Marina beach, Chennai.

I was in Marina last year jumping and running around the beach wearing dhoti and operating a camera. It’s the same Bay of Bengal, the same water (salty!) and the same sand- I believe. The beach, second longest in the world hasn’t changed it’s appearance- like in July 2009 the beach may not make it to the list of 1000 cleanest beaches in the world this year too. Even a dirty beach excites the hilly man in me.

Like last year, this time too I didn’t get to see the rising sun from Marina. I am hoping for such scene tomorrow morning. But from a different beach of a different place in India. It’ll be the same Bay of Bengal though.

3 thoughts on “Marina, Chennai: A Year After

  1. Abhishek

    So you are again on the run, nice that you get time to update us also.
    The Picture looks cool, Beach looks as any other good Beaches we have and lastly perfect time to click some good pictures.


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