Khojuwa: kathmandu searching dog


As seen on the wall of a restaurant- Picasso- in Patan. The full name goes like this: Picasso- Artist de la Cusine.

Albatross the band will start playing live music momentarily. They have set up their instruments outside. U’ll have to buy a prepaid Rs. 500 coupon at the entrance gate to enter a spacious dining room to eat food of your choice. Well, there is not much to choose from, says my restaurant critic friend Deepak Adhikari looking at the menu that, according to an waiter, has been trimmed for the day.”This is a new menu for me too,” says the waiter.”Today is the first day of our new Friday event.”

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2 thoughts on “Khojuwa: kathmandu searching dog

  1. Anya

    That’s so funny. I was there last night too and starting at this artwork, wondering what it was all about….and well of course the show was canceled. So what is this artwork all about? Am I missing something?



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