Registered for Voter ID Card

election commission registration 1
for voter identity card

Got myself registered with the Election Commission of Nepal this afternoon. They needed my (Nepali) Citizenship Certificate and some additional information that are not printed in nagarikta. I was required to be present at the EC registration office in my village so that the Logitech 1.3 MP web camera attached to a Dell laptop could take my photo. This photo will be printed on the voter ID card that they will give me in near future. A digital fingerprint scanner took my right hand thumb- and index fingerprint.

I am not sure when will I get a chance to vote because the country is not sure about the date of the next election. It should have already happened by now. But the Constituent Assembly- elected to draft and promulgate the constitution that everyone is talking about- is still struggling to reach a consensus that will allow it to bring out the statue and take the peace process to the logical conclusion. I was very enthusiastic when I voted in the CA election back in 2008. The frustrating delay and deadlock hasn’t dampened my spirits.  I will repeat here what I told a representative of National Endowment for Democracy last week: Despite all the disappointment in the public Nepali political class has achieved a lot over the past couple of years. True that people want more to be done but that will take time.

Public expectations are high with every sector but what we should understand is that the society as a whole is also evolving slowly. When the society itself is going through a transformation it can’t expect only a part of to change/act faster. I am looking forward to vote- like I did in 2008.

election commission registration 2
for voter identity card