Last day of Constituent Assembly […if not extended]

As seen outside the Constituent Assembly complex in New Baneshwor, Kathmandu today. The CA’s term will expire today (midnight) if it is not extended. There are have been signs that it could be extended for a few months.

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2 thoughts on “Last day of Constituent Assembly […if not extended]

  1. kay

    Bahaha, agree on Kamal Thapa. But on a serious note, I feel really bad that the poor masses in Nepal get influenced by opportunists. Not just the RPP, but those people who find people to stage protests for the dumbest things like when that Indian actor allegedly said something bad about Nepal [which was never proven]. I do believe a 9 year old was killed when she was studying by her window as she was hit by a stray bullet [which the police was firing into the crowd]. Protests and riots in Nepal seem to end up manipulating poor/illeterate people and hurting fellow Nepalese citizens.



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