angkor wat temple

Angkor Wat and Phnom Penh, Cambodia

angkor wat temple
angkor wat temple reflected over a pond in front of the grand structure

Spending some of my last hours in Phnom Penh. Small city and relatively quiet. Traffic is slightly haphazard than what is in Kathmandu. Liked the city. Loved the part called Sisowath Quay aka Riverside: “an attractive boulevard running along the banks of the Mekong and Tonle Sap. It’s fronted by a large, long open space with manicured lawns, palm trees and open pathways, all recently re-done as part of a Japanese funded project to upgrade the flood infrastructure along the river.” That description is taken from a Wikitravels page on Phnom Penh.

mekong river in phnom penh
mekong river

Came here two days ago from Siem Reap- the town that houses famed Angkor Wat or the temple. [Wat in Khmer means pagoda, my friend tells me.] But Angkor Wat is hardly a pagoda. It was a temple- Vishnu mandir by a Angkor king. One of his descendants ‘modified’ it to be a Buddhist temple. For a Nepali visitor like me, the temple stood as a symbol of religious harmony and close integration of Hinduism and Buddhism. But the reality may be complex: one religious belief trying to overthrow other etc. That’s just a hint. Details will be posted as I post more pics later.

May be its time to visit some beaches in Thailand.