Streets of London

Why? Don't be a dumb. No, I didn't talk to them.

Why? Don’t be a dumb. No, I didn’t talk to them.

What do you do when visit a new place? You take loads of pictures. That’s what I did in London and other parts of the UK. These are some of the most photographed places on earth. But why should that fact stop you from taking more pics? For a tourist, there could more than one reason to click a picture. I have tried to mention some of those reasons as caption of these images.

Most of these 83 photos are from central London. One ‘prominent’ photographic object that is missing in this album is the ubiquitous red telephone box. Tourists smile from inside these boxes for cameras when they are in London (or other parts of the UK). I went all the way up to the hills of Scotland to the ‘telephone box photography’.

3 thoughts on “Streets of London

  1. Sojho Keto

    Superb collections. This is what I call ‘YOLO (you only live once) moment’. If you put snapshots of every places you pop in, we too can give you a virtual accompany 🙂 . Marvellous freeze-frame for lifetime reminiscences.



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