Thanks to the IMEI number, I got my phone back

Keep your phone’s IMEI number safe. That could help you find your lost phone.

Five months ago I lost my dual SIM Android phone while traveling to Biratnagar from Ilam. I mourned the loss but continued my normal business with my other phone. But I wanted to get the phone back. And, a month ago I got it back.

I wasn’t aware of the importance of the International Mobile Station Equipment Identity number before I lost the phone. So I didn’t keep it. This was my third phone that I had lost. (An iPhone in 2011 and in 2006 a Samsung phone.)

I didn’t believe that Nepali police would be able to track and even recover my phone even if I provided them the IMEI number. But one day I found the phone box where IMEI number’s printed. (Dial *#06# or go to About Phone section to find your IMEI number and keep it safe. Also keep your receipt or the phone box safe.)

If you lose your phone and are in Kathmandu, go to Hanumandhoka. For those out of Kathmandu, go to district police office. Give them your IMEI number. (Android and iOS operating systems allow you to make your lost phone unusable but IMEI tracking helps retrieve your phone.)

Here I am withholding one crucial information that will determine whether your phone can be found. That’s because I don’t want thieves and people who find phone but don’t give that back to the owner to know this.

As for my phone, a guy in Jhapa had been using it for months. He had even put a plastic cover to protect the screen.

PS: If yours is a feature or smart phone, don’t just save your contacts in SIM card(s) or the phone. Sync them with your email or cloud account. My both phones were synced with my Google account which meant I didn’t have to worry about the contacts.