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मनिलाका डाक्टर, एआईटीका इन्जिनियर

manila ka doctors

मनिलाका डाक्टर

दिनेश वाग्ले

जे खानुहुन्छ, तपाई त्यसैले चनिनिहुन्छ । विशेषगरी हुर्किदा खाएको खानाले (अपवादबाहेक) जिन्दगीभर तपाईलाई छाड्दैन । अझ भनौं, तपाईले छोड्नु हुन्न । दालभातकै कुरा गरौं, सानैदेखि त्यो खाएको हो भने पिज्जा, बर्गर, पास्ता, सुसीले तपाईलाई दुई/चार दिन आनन्द देलान् तर पाचौ दिनदेखि तपाईलाई कतिबेला दालभात खाउँ जस्तो लाग्छ । विशेषगरी विदेशमा ।

‘एक दिन पिज्जा खाए अघाइन्छ,’ स्नेहा राजवंशीले भनिन्– ‘भात दिनदिनै खाए अघाइदैन ।’

१९ बर्षे स्नेहा नौ महिना अघि नेपाल छाडेर फिलिपिन्सको मनिला आएकी थिइन्– डेन्टिस्ट्री (दन्त विज्ञान) पढ्न । ‘कात्तिक २९ गते,’ उनले सुनाईन्– ‘नेपाल छाडेको, घरपरिवार छाडेको । फ्लाईट (उडान) नम्बर समेत याद छ । आरए ४११ ।’ Continue reading


bangkok lady collector in a bus

Woman at work.

Today is the 7th and second last day in Bangkok, Thailand. I’ll cross over to a neighboring country tomorrow. [The name the place literally means “Siam Defeated” according to Wikitravels.]

I am not posting here photos of high-rise buildings and glitchy malls of Bangkok in this entry. Will do that, may be, in next posts about the city. Lady collectors in the buses- beautifully dressed and some with their faces covered by masks- were new to me. (I liked traveling in airconditioned buses in Bangkok.) By today, I have traveled in buses, both trains (sky and underground) and over the Chao Phraya River in boat. Enjoyed that boat ride. But no tuk tuk yet. May be their turn will come when I return to the city again in a week. (More later.) Continue reading

Who cares about the world when you are tired...

Day Out in Manila. Photos


It's hot in Manila


Who cares about the world when you are tired...

Who cares about the world when you are tired...DW and MK on the bank of Pasig River, at Fort Santiago, Manila.

These are not the photos taken in a day. One day MK and I went to the Immigration office to inquire about visa extension (he had extend while I wasn’t sure if I needed to). [In another outing AL and PB were also present.] A branch office where we first went to wouldn’t do that. We had to go to the main office. Near the Immigration office, on the bank of Pasig river, is the China Town of Manila (Binondo). (Binondo’s Chinatown located in Manila, Philippines is the oldest Chinatown in the world, established in 1594, says an entry in Wikipedia). Continue reading


Spotted at Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok

Spotted at Suvarnabhumi airport, Bangkok

Trying to make the most out of 15-minutes-of-free-WiFi -access at Suvarnabhumi.

It’s been four hours since I landed at Suvarnabhumi, Bangkok. Fifteen more hours to go before I get into a plane that will take me to another Asian capital. I must thank Gandaki (pictured) and Captain Shrestha for the smooth flight and (landing).

PS:Will come back to again in a couple of weeks to go outside the airport and see the city.

gandaki nepal airlines

Gandaki the airplane- belonging to Nepal Airlines- at Tribhuvan, Kathmandu.

PS 1: Will come back to again in a couple of weeks to go outside the airport and see the city.
PS 2: I need another 15-minutes-of-free-WiFi-coupon!