It's hot in Manila


Who cares about the world when you are tired...
Who cares about the world when you are tired...DW and MK on the bank of Pasig River, at Fort Santiago, Manila.

These are not the photos taken in a day. One day MK and I went to the Immigration office to inquire about visa extension (he had extend while I wasn’t sure if I needed to). [In another outing AL and PB were also present.] A branch office where we first went to wouldn’t do that. We had to go to the main office. Near the Immigration office, on the bank of Pasig river, is the China Town of Manila (Binondo). (Binondo’s Chinatown located in Manila, Philippines is the oldest Chinatown in the world, established in 1594, says an entry in Wikipedia).

There, in the China Town, we were meeting our Chinese classmate FS. FS was supposed to take us to a Chinese restaurant. He did but the restaurant turned out to be fake. The food was so un-Chinese, FS said, and the quality too was, well, ‘Chinese’ (that is as per popular jokes in Nepal- Made in China, Aja chha voli chhaina- which literally means products made in China don’t last for more than a day!). So the food was terrible, even the chopsticks were Japanese, FS said. The only good thing about the place was a free wifi signal that was coming from ANOTHER shop.

The Fort Santiago is a wonderful place. MK had gone there multiple times before but today he was accompanying us. I liked the place where we took a quick siesta as FS took pictures of us lying on the wall overlooking the Pasig river. Beautiful place.


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