Thanks to the IMEI number, I got my phone back

Keep your phone’s IMEI number safe. That could help you find your lost phone. Five months ago I lost my dual SIM Android phone while traveling to Biratnagar from Ilam. I mourned the loss but continued my normal business with my other phone. But I wanted to get the phone back. And, a month ago I […]

The iPhone story

Yesterday I read a very interesting article in the NY Times about iPhone theft in New York. This particular iPhone was restolen & the first thief went to police to complain! Fascinating story! Reminded me of the day my iPhone was stolen in New Delhi’s Old Fort in 2011. Had gone there to meet managers […]

Kindle Thy Reading Passion!

The Kindle is a book reading/storing device whose screen uses the E Ink technology that makes the texts look like black ink on light gray paper. No backlight, no glare, no eyestrain, writes a NYT columnist. First I read about this in Newsweek and then in other web sites. I love this new device called […]

Kathmandu iPod: A Story From Nepal

The lead: There are peculiar challenges of iPoding in Kathmandu and there is also a grim irony in owning an iPod in Nepali society. With jeans tugged into their socks and eyes as red as ripe tomatoes, the boys were Jug Bahadur Bhandari, 15 (left), and Prakash Bhandari, 13. (from From Wagle’s Rara travelogue: Up […]

Hurray! Laptops Go Wireless in Nepal

Theme of the blog: Now you can be online from anywhere in Kathmandu and 52 other districts of Nepal, thanks to the PCMCI card distributed by Nepal Telecom from yesterday The season has started in Kathmandu (and other parts of Nepal) for laptops to go wireless. As I am typing these lines, I am elated […]

The Mobile Story: I Lost Samsung, I Bought LG

I am an optimistic person who thinks positive. That is why I am starting this write up by declaring that I got a brand new cell phone. It’s an LG, a switch from a Samsung that I used for almost four years. Friends congratulated me as soon as they heard the news. But the euphoria […]