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Bungy Jumping In Nepal: Incredible Experience

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But I have decided not to jump again. I still wonder why people say they enjoyed jumping from the 160-meters-high bridge. All pics by Suraj Kunwar

Am I an adventurer? No need for any such questions. I am, of course. I love traveling, wandering, trekking, going up to a hill and descending back to the plains. I love hiking alone, walking in a group and I love camping and what not. If these activities are not enough to prove my venturesomeness, fine I don’t care. But I have decided, for once and all, I will never do the Bungy or Bungee jumping again! That is, not AGAIN which means I have done that! The jump that I took on Monday, May 7, 2007 was terrible. Not that I crashed down on the George of Bhotekoshi river but the whole experience was so scarier that I am still afraid of even thinking about jumping. Continue reading